Global Love Day

Probably at no time in history has love been more needed than it is today! Thankfully, it’s Global Love Day, the day to give yourself love and to spread love to the world, and as HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President and Spiritual Leader of Parmarth Niketan, so beautifully shares, “There is a great need for love, compassion and unity at the global level. The havoc of Corona has shown us that if we want to be happy, we’ll all have to have compassion and tolerance towards others.

“Today’s greatest need,” Pujya Swamiji continued, “is to cooperate in the creation of a positive environment in the world around us, and to love unconditionally and without any discrimination. We are all going through a difficult time, and the only solution is to unite. If we all work together, I am confident that we can change the frightening conditions in the world.

“Life passes in such a way that it’s easy to lose our humanity, but we must learn to live not for ourselves, but for our loved ones. Even if you are far apart from them, living with an open heart will let them know that they are not alone. We shouldn’t let Corona create distance from humanity, and humanity should not be lost from society. We must keep humanity alive in the world.

Pujya Swamiji called upon the Youth especially to understand that so many have forgotten their own needs and wants to take care of them, to give children a better future, that now – on Global Love Day – is an auspicious opportunity to express their thanks by showing them the love and respect that they deserve.

Swamiji concluded by saying, “Even though it will take time to build a loving and peaceful world, we have to start together, from today. Due to Corona, the whole world is living under the shadow of fear and terror, but love and affection can overcome that fear. So share your love…share your compassion with others. Donate your time to make this world better and less frightening. Please, give a little love and time to brighten the day, the heart and the life of someone else.

“Let us share unconditional love…God’s love in the world!”

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