Intention: We envision a world where young people are well-equipped to be active and positive change agents in their communities as the result of their skill-building efforts and the development of their own natural aptitudes…a group of young men and women that have a positive outlook for their present and their future, as well as the future of their communities. We envision a Sangha – a network of positive and strong individuals and groups – who can nurture, empower and encourage youth to be self-sufficient and to be the solution to the problems or challenges they face in their own lives and in society.

Mission and Vision: Parmarth Niketan Youth Alliance is an initiative operated under the aegis of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh. Parmarth means for the welfare and well-being of all, and it is for all that the Alliance works. Parmarth Youth Alliance’s mission and vision is to unite as agents of change for a clean, green, serene and sustainable Rishikesh that is a model for our state and our nation – a model that continues to attract and inspire the world. We all must work together for this purpose. This vision and mission is rooted in an ability to bring together an active, dedicated and committed core team who will help realize this objective by modeling the very change that they want to see in their communities.

Features of the Spiritual and Smart Model Town​

Livelihoods / Skill Development
Environmental Preservation
Sustainable Tourism - Wellness & Health Tourism
Animal Welfare
Self-Sustainable Environment
Ensure the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of Girls & Women
Leave No One Behind
Serving those who are vulnerable in our communities

Guiding Principles

  • Value our youth as a community asset
  • Innovation – Make a difference, differently
  • Inclusion – Consider all perspectives equally and honestly
  • Value and build young people with diversity, dedication and experience
  • Be sensitive to gender dynamics
  • Create a safe and healthy environment for all
  • Strive to ensure no one is left behind in our pursuit to rise up together
  • Impact and create a change that matters today, and for future generations
Working Group Communication Guidelines:
  • We will offer our Time, Talent, Technology and Tenacity for this common objective and vision stated above.
  • We will work as One Team with One Dream and with One Theme.
  • We might not all agree but we will respect each other’s views. Remembering differences of opinion does not mean a difference of objective and that we are connected by and committed to our collective intention to be of service.
  • We must remember as Pujya Swamiji shares that Setu (bridge) can only form when the only hetu (agenda) is to be an instrument of service for the benefit of all – not for a personal agenda. The only goal is to be an instrument of positive change in our communities.
  • We are here to build, create and sustain a platform that connects resources, knowledge and people to allow for service initiatives to flourish and thrive in as effective and efficient a way as possible.
  • We will work in collaboration with other organizations and associations for the benefit of all – just as Ganga flows for everyone without any discrimination. This Sangam will be for the service of Rishikesh regardless of any particular political affiliation.  We invite everyone to contribute as one family, for our One Family.
Guidelines for Events & Activities:
  • All events will need prior written approval from the core team of Parmarth Youth Alliance (PYA) at
  • All design material and press releases, social, print and electronic media for PYA events and activities require prior approval by the core team of PYA at
  • No compensation, donations etc of any kind will be taken for the service work done under the banner of  Parmarth Youth Alliance.
  • PYA is non-partisan, its events, activities and programmes are inclusive, open and for the welfare of all. It seeks to unite and connect people with the spirit of service beyond divisions of any kind.

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