Divine Projects

“Parmarth Niketan” literally means “An abode dedicated to the welfare of all.” True to its name, Parmarth runs a wide variety of charitable and divine projects and programs.

Food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, education for the illiterate, housing for the homeless and hope for the downtrodden — Parmarth aims to serve the needy in whatever capacity possible.

There are two types of needy people who come to Parmarth. There are those whose needs are logistic, basic, physical – they are hungry; they are homeless; they are sick; they can’t afford to care for their children. For these people Parmarth provides a wide range of programs and charitable services. Pujya Swamiji fervently believes that if a man’s stomach is empty, or if he is burning with fever, or if he cannot feed or educate his children, then one must address those needs before trying to teach this man meditation or philosophy.

On the other hand, there are increasing numbers of pilgrims who come to Parmarth who have more than enough to eat, who have degrees hanging on their walls, who have not one home but several homes and closets full of clothes. Yet, despite it all, something is missing in their lives. They are searching, seeking, yearning for divine connection. Their stomachs are full but their hearts are empty. Thus, it is for them that Parmarth runs all of the spiritual programs – yoga and meditation classes and courses, discourses, satsangs, kathas, prayers, pujas, and the divine Ganga aarti.

Parmarth’s divine projects include: