The Swami Shukdevanand Charitable Hospital is located on the premises of the ashram, providing free testing, first-aid and medicines for minor/common ailments on a daily basis. There is a pathological laboratory and also a dispensary on site as well as a permanent, resident doctor and nurses.

On a frequent and regular basis throughout the year, the clinic serves as the location for free medical health camps organized by Parmarth.

These camps include everything from surgical eye camps (in which hundreds of patients receive free cataract operations with the latest phaco technique and modern lenses) to camps in cardiology, urology, internal medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Nature Cure, pediatrics, prosthetic limbs, ob-gyn, acupressure, and much more.  Dedicated teams of doctors travel from across India and across the world to come and serve their sisters and brothers who are ailing in the sacred Himalayas.

Further, in cooperation with the Divine Shakti Foundation, Parmarth organizes weekly camps that travel into the Himalayan villages, bringing care to the doorstep of the needy, who often go without proper initial or follow-up care.  To learn more about these travelling camps, please click here.