Rishikumars of Parmarth and Peer Educators of the PYA Run Cleanliness Drive in Rajaji National Park

One of the most-beautiful tenets of the Hindu tradition is the practice of Karma Yoga…selfless service. Practicing Karma Yoga means doing your duty without attachment. Whether you like your duty or not, you still give your best, and HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji – Muniji encourages us to be inspired to “give, give and give and serve, serve and serve with no hesitation, no expectation, no discrimination and no vacation.”

With that sacred tradition in mind, the Rishikumars of Parmarth Niketan and Peer Educators of the Parmarth Youth Association recently carried out a cleanliness drive in Rajaji National Park in the area around Bhootnath Temple. This was the second initiative, as last month the area was also cleaned so that the entire area could be garbage free, beautiful and delightful.

As Pujya Swamiji says, “At present, the whole world is facing the problems of environmental pollution. Everyone must recognize, especially in the era of Covid, our decreasing breath due to water and air pollution. Only then will we be able to offer a clean environment to future generations. We all have to take a pledge to plant trees so that everyone gets clean air.
“Plastic is increasing in our lives and on our planet like a tsunami, taking our breath away from us. According to the United Nations 500 billion plastic bottles are used in the world each year and about 1 million plastic bottles are bought. 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste per day in India is generated. It is a matter of serious concern. The plastic we use every day has to be consciously bought and controlled. If its use is not curbed, it will threaten future generations.

Swamiji concluded by saying, “Every person has a right to clean air and water. Along with education and rituals for our children, special attention will have to be paid to cleanliness. We have to nurture our children with a clean environment and good hygiene habits. If we stay healthy then we will definitely be able to create a happy future.”

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