Pujya Swamiji Joins the Coronaspection Discussion

Pujya Swamiji was glad to be a part of a wonderful new project showcasing a series of interviews with global interfaith leaders in which we share wisdom and spiritual advice as we jointly face the worldwide Covid-19 crisis. It is truly a treasure of religious thought, reflection and advice, aptly named “Coronaspection.”
He shared in His interview with Alon Goshen-Gottstein of Elijah Interfaith that Corona brings so many opportunities for growth and transformation, including spending time with our families and deepening our sense of interconnectedness with nature and each other. He says, “Corona is not a pain, it is a possibility and opportunity that can celebrate our relationships with the Divine, Mother Nature and our lvoed ones. Our doors may be locked, but our hearts can be open! ”
You can find His entire interview on Tablet Magazine at https://rb.gy/zfa9jo and at YouTube, https://youtu.be/8xin5TibsWQ