Please note before starting your application

Before beginning your application, please note that part of the application requires you to upload a current resume/CV. This document must be in either JPG, PDF, or Microsoft Word format, and less than 500kb.

Additionally, you are required to submit a cover letter along with your application. In your letter, please tell us about your interests, aims, and expectations regarding what you hope to experience at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Here are some possible topics which you may wish to address in your letter. These are suggestions only; please answer as you like.

• Why do you wish to volunteer at Parmarth Niketan Ashram?
• What appeals to you about our volunteer / seva program?
Share your past experiences which are relevant to volunteering at Parmarth Niketan.
What do you wish to experience here
• W
hat do you think may be the challenges and opportunities?
How do you feel about living in an ashram/spiritual community?
• W
hat does service / being a volunteer mean to you?