Volunteer Doctors and Sevaks Return from 1st Trip to Guptkashi

A team of volunteer doctors and sevaks traveled up for several days to some of the remote regions devastated by the floods. Aid is reaching large cities/centers in the area, but very little aid is reaching into the remote villages as roads are treacherous.

Many have lost their homes or businesses due to the floods or landslides, and many have lost their only “breadwinners” of the household.

Thus, our team took to trekking to reach some of the areas cut off or devastated by the floods, conducting free medical camps in several villages which saw hundreds of patients. Supplies were also given out such as medicines, household supplies, food and other items to hundreds.

More convoys of relief trucks with supplies and volunteers from Parmarth are heading up into these areas every day, where they will not only provide immediate relief to local survivors but also survey the areas to plan for long-term rehabilitation.

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