The Meaning of Holika

During a special evening campfire HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji shares the special significance of the Holi festivities, “There are two different meanings of the word Holi if we look at it purely semantically: First, “Holi” means that which has happened, “Jo hogaya, holi,” has passed. So Holi is a time to acknowledge what has happened and then to move on, allowing us to be free from the chains of the past to move into the present. Another meaning is the past has happened (Ho) and now we take (Li) a pledge for the present and future- so it is an opportunity for a new pledge for a new you. So if, amidst our joyous revelry, we can truly take this deep meaning of Holi into our heart, then I am certain that purity, divinity, truth and goodness will again – as in the time of Prahlad and Holika – vanquish arrogance, greed, deception, ego and grudges, and we will all be able to move forward into a bright future.”

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