Sadhviji Gives Inaugural Keynote to International Conference on Sustainability Education (ICSE) in Delhi

Today at the Education for Sustainable Development Conference in Delhi by UNESCO, Climate Reality, TERI, Mobius Foundation, CSE and many others, Sadhvi Bhagawatiji gave an inaugural keynote address on the importance of values in our education system that will lead to sustainability and human responsibility in providing a healthy and wholesome world for our future generations. She shared that we can put our world together if we start with our children & their education!

Joining Sadhviji at the inauguration of the conferencen were the Chancellor, Sathya Sai University Dr Narasimha Murthy, Mr Pradip Burman of Mobius Foundation, DG TERI – The Energy and Resources Institute Dr Ajay Mathur, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Ms Sunita Narain, Ram Boojh and Donna L Goodman of Swarovski WaterSchool for sustainable education, coincidentally on Himalaya Diwas!

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