Rishikumars Visit Parmarth Plant Nursery

Earlier this week, the Rishikumars visited our nursery, jointly established by the Eco Task-Force and Parmarth Niketan, an initiative providing employment for army veterans and local women, where their skills of organisation and commitment are utilised to undertake a variety of eco-projects to combat climate change, tackling issues of deforestation and soil erosion.

During this visit, the Rishikumars cleared weeds growing amongst saplings and helped to rake and clear the nursery perimeter of long grasses, learning about the different species of trees and their medicinal properties along the way. They also planted a number of trees along the road to Veerpur, Rishikesh. The Rishikumars happily worked together, helping one another. This was a wonderful and integral part of our efforts to encourage the Rishikumars to grow and learn with Nature to be the champions of a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet for all beings.

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