Pujya Swamiji’s World Music Day Message

”Music is a beautiful mode and medium to connect with God,” declared Pujya Swamiji on International Day of Yoga and World Music Day.

“And, great devotion and liberation can be achieved through music! So many of our saints, like Meera Bai and Raskhan and Tulsi Das, wrote and sang such beautiful bhajans that continue to inspire and transform countless many. Today it’s beautiful to see how Artists like Lata Mangeshwar ji, Anup Jalota ji and Kailash Kher share the divinity and power of music with millions.”

In this inspiring message, Pujya Swamiji also shares about the great benefits of Yoga and encourages us to do #EarthYoga and protect our planet by planting trees and leading more eco-friendly lifestyles. He encourages everyone who plants a tree to take and post a #greenselfie to inspire others this monsoon season.

Categories: Blessings & Messages