Pujya Swamiji Graces Historic Ram Temple Foundation Stone Ceremony in Ayodhya

The saints from the divine land of Uttarakhand participated in the foundation stone laying of Shri Ram Temple and gave the message of establishment of Ramrajya to the whole world. On this auspicious occasion of today, Yoga Guru Ramdev Ji Maharaj, Spiritual Guru Awadheshanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Parmartha Niketan’s supreme President Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj and other pujya saints participated in the Shree Ram Mandir Shilavinyas organized in Shri Ramjanmbhoomi Tirtha area today.

Pujya Swamiji expressed His great joy and inspiring words:

“After almost 500 years of waiting, the dream of Shri Ram ji’s divine temple is going to come true today. It is my pleasure that I am also a part of this divine program. Today I dedicate flowers of faith to this divine place on behalf of my state Uttarakhand, whole India and whole world.

I think this is a signature event and this signature event is because this moment is a historical moment for the whole world and that is our tomorrow. This is the moment of Indian culture. Indian culture unites everyone, connects everyone, human beings are same, God is within everyone. The stream which will take everyone along, today will not only flow the stream of Ram Mandir but from here the stream of the Rashtriya Mandir, in which India is one, unity in diversity, the speciality of India and the darshan of it will make this grand celebration of today. It will change geography, change people’s minds. Will change people’s hearts. Connect hearts, break walls and fill cracks and unite them all. Lord Ram has created a bridge, to connect everyone whether it is Shabari or Boat, today the time has come. We are all one, one family, Vasudhaiva is Kutumbakam and it is started by the successful energetic Prime Minister of India.

I think that along with Shri Ram temple, the foundation stone laying of the nation is also done today. He said that the soil of my country, I bow down to you hundred times. When it is a matter of soil, it is a matter of pride, it is about the whole of India and so when Lord Shri Ram ji, who is our adorable, today at his birth place, India’s successful, ascetic and energetic Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, with his own hands many respected saints. And laying the foundation stone in the presence of representatives of the society. In this divine worship, the soil of the holy places of the whole country and the water of the holy rivers was brought there and worshiped it, it is really our divine culture.”

Lord Shri Ram has born a culture of change with bravery and bravery. When the goodness of a man comes out, Ramrajya is established; Society is uplifting and when evil comes out, it falls like Ravana. After almost 500 years of hard penance, today it is also necessary to establish the ideals of Shri Ram in our society along with the foundation of Lord Shri Ram Temple and Lord Shri Ram has presented an excellent example by living a limited life which is of every era.

Along with the foundation stone laying of Shriram temple, Jeevan temple also needs to be established. A life that doesn’t have malice and bad qualities. It is necessary to purify bad quality and impurities whether outside or internal.

May Lord Shri Ram always be connected to his roots and values. He made the lives of many people a celebration by following the ideals. He saved the life of whatever he got at the turn of life. Suffering the hardships of self, communicated new energy in the lives of others. Let’s try to establish such ideals in our life.”

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