Parmarth Youth Alliance (PYA) Creates Wall Painting in Primary School to Raise Awareness

Under the aegis of Parmarth Niketan, the Parmarth Youth Alliance (PYA) recently organized and created a wall painting in the primary school, Garhi Shyampur (Hisarpur), to make children aware – through cartoon characters – about environmental protection, unhealthy social behaviours, tree plantations, water conservation, education and other issues that might otherwise not be discussed by this age group.

Parmarth Youth Alliance is an organization of young men and women that envisions a world where Youth can develop their skills and abilities to build both a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook. It is a strong organization of forward-thinking and dynamic Youth, encouraging other Youth to become self-reliant, independent and empowered.

Through the Alliance, Youth have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary – through hands-on experience and structured workshops – to come forward as active and empowered change-makers, capable of bringing about new ideas and new paradigms in their community and the surrounding neighborhoods. PYA develops the confidence and the tools necessary for this new generation to understand, analyze and solve the problems and challenges in life that we and our society face every day.

Parmarth Youth Alliance’s inspiring mission is to work together to build a clean, green, peaceful and sustainable India. In the first phase, PYA has worked with each other and with other organizations and interested individuals to ensure that Rishikesh is a beautiful, clean and welcoming city so that it continues to attract visitors from across India and around the world to its attractions and resources and, most importantly, to inspire global citizens to actively pursue peaceful and sustainable communities.

On the day of the event, HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the President of Parmarth Niketan, congratulated the members of the Alliance for the wall painting, and shared, “The youth of India are alive, awake, energetic and dynamic and capable of achieving their goals. If there is a need, then there is always the right guidance to link them with their values, traditions and Indian culture.”

Following the completion of the project, Ms. Nandini Tripathi, Himanshu Dilip Rawat, Sukhnoor Kaur, Ramchandra Shah, Rakesh Roshan, Satyaveer Singh Rathore, Rishikumars of Parmarth Gurukul and the youths of Parmarth Youth Alliance, planted a sacred Rudraksha sapling at the school, symbolizing health, well-being and freedom for all that rest in its shade. The team also took a pledge to work together towards education, health, skill development, environmental protection, spiritual, sustainable and safe tourism and making Rishikesh safe for all of our mothers and daughters.