Neelkanth Ganga Parikrama Padayatra Visits Parmarth

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj wished the success of Neelkanth Ganga Parikrama Padayatra journey and said that the rivers there contribute a lot in the chapters of prosperity and downfall of any nation. Rivers have an important contribution in the prosperity of the nation and Mother Ganga has saved the story of many ages in her flow.

Maa Ganga, with the faith, sorrow, pain, prayers and wishes of crores of people, she gets embedded in the sea of Ganga with the endless amount of water she used to call. Don’t know how many chants, penance, singing worship and prayers of Veda mantras would have been done on the banks of Ganga ji. The water of Ganges has bacteriophage and the power of chants and prayers chanted for many years is amazing. The mind gets peace only by seeing the mother Ganga. That is the first river in the world on whose banks the voice of Jai Ganga Mata starts echoing along with the setting sun.

Pujya Swami ji said that Mother Ganga is the identity of India. Mother Ganga has not given birth to the creatures living on earth but has definitely given life. India’s national river Ganga has been transmitting human consciousness for ages. Ganga is the backbone of the Indian economy and the essence of Indian spirituality, so it is the ultimate duty of all of us to keep Mother Ganga clean, intact and clean.

During this time, we also planted trees on the banks of the Ganga with the encouragement of not putting garbage in the rivers, not polluting the rivers. He invited Pujya Swami ji to participate on the closing occasion and said that you give message globally every evening through the Aarti of Maa Ganga ji, so your blessings in the closing program of Padayatra will be a guide for all of us.

Members of Ganga Parikrama Padayatra, Rishikumar of Parmarth Gurukul, NCC cadre, RishiKesh and GGIC College students and principal took a pledge to conserve water by water abhishek of the world globe.