Naada Yoga: The Yoga of Sound – Healing Through Mantras & Vedic Chanting

If you are looking to deepen your Yoga practice, understand the power of sound and Vedic mantras, you should come to Parmarth Niketan and register in the Naada Yoga & Vedic Chanting course!

It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with your inner voice and your true spirit. This course it’s not only about chanting or learning a few mantras but it’s truly a journey of transformation and healing. It is a rare individual and collective experience that creates a special energy that not only creates an alchemical change within us but also allows us to be vessels of greater well-being and harmony in the world.

Students and Sadhvi Abba Saraswati (Teacher and the Ashram’s head of Yoga Department) chanting at the Aarati

A group of 10 students from different countries and cultures including; Germany, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Perú and Uruguay joined the course to achieve a depth understanding of mantras and go deeper in their own healing process.

Chanting Class in the Ashram’s yard

The students learned how to pronounce Sanskrit correctly, the intonation and the real meaning of each of the mantras as well as the philosophy behind Vedic Chanting and Vedic Tradition. This three week course also helped students learn how to begin to regulate their breath to produce the desired vibration in a particular part of their body, in this way they could go more effortlessly into deeper states of meditation and silence.

Special Havan for the Students

This course is to all those who want to bring the expansion of their being and spiritual growth to an other level.

Last day of Naada Yoga & Vedic Chanting course

Elke from Germany

“I am very grateful to our beloved teacher Sadhvi Abha Saraswati. It took a little effort to learn chanting these Vedic Mantras, but we received so much! Chanting the mantras together in a group we fell automatically in meditation and uplifted our spirit.”

Aoefe from Ireland

“What a course! Wow! Mataji teaches from her heart with a depth of knowledge, profound understanding and kindness. Such a blessing to be able to learn Vedic Chanting in its purest form and find a deeper connection to the Divine through sound.”

Valentina from Uruguay

“Beautiful experience that has touched my soul! I take a great gift for life, I’m grateful for the opportunity to study Naada Yoga from the place of its origin. During the course I was able to see significant changes in my being, experiencing sensations, observing my body and my mind… releasing, growing, learning, connecting with deeper meditative states through these powerful and ancient Vedic mantras.”

Ria from Netherlands

“I found the Naada Yoga course a great exercise for the head (learning and memorizing the Sanskrit words) and for the heart. When you combine the words and intonation you can feel the vibrations in different levels. I really enjoyed the Naada Yoga and Vedic Chanting course!”

Manuel from Peru

“If you want to learn mantras and Vedic Chanting Parmarth Niketan have the best teacher in the world! Sadhvi Abha Saraswati (Mataji) teaches with patience and love while she shares all her knowledge about Naada Yoga. It’s an incredible and transcendental experience that mobilizes us from the roots.”

Prachi from India

“This is a great course not only for what we learned but also for all the emotional aspects behind the mantras that we worked on as a group together. For me the difference between doing the Vedic Chanting Course here than anywhere else is the teacher. Mataji is not only a person who knows Sanskrit or chanting but is also spiritually advanced, she understands the true meaning of mantras and the Vedas. She knows the philosophy behind Naada Yoga. So at the end of a day you are not just doing an academic course but real sadhana (devotional practice).”

Ellen from Netherlands

“Wonderful and intense way to deepen your own yoga practice and connecting with the divine! This course works on so many levels, not only physically but also emotionally and energetically on your prana and chakras. It’s a meditative form of yoga and pranayama at the same time, you are not only singing, it is SO much more than that! For me it’s an extra dimension to add on my own yoga practice, not only doing pranamayas, asanas, kriyas and meditation; Vedic chanting makes my practice more complete and holistic. Next to that, this course with a dedicated group and with our loving Mataji as our teacher and guide, makes Naada Yoga work so intense and powerful. It’s an amazing course, I would love to do it again!”

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