Mother’s Day Celebrates Shakti at Parmarth

On this beautiful day, which gives us the divine opportunity to celebrate our Mothers in many western countries, we gathered together in Pujya Swamiji’s garden for a beautiful celebration of the Divine Mother Goddess, creating a beautiful bridge between the East and West on the banks of Maa Ganga. In the Indian tradition almost every day is Mother’s Day, but nonetheless this celebration gave us yet another special opportunity to emphasize and celebrate the beautiful presence of our Mothers.

We began with a special puja of the Divine Mother Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of the true wealth and prosperity in our lives, which is in our spiritual connection and in recognising God’s grace and blessings. The Parmarth Seva family gathered together with devotees and special guests for the ceremony, and Pujya Swamiji personally blessed all of the divine Shaktis – the mothers on the Seva team – with tilak and His divine touch. Joining us on this special occasion was Shri Bala Iyerji, Vice President of Jio and his wife Mahalakshmiji.

Later on, at our sacred Ganga Aarti, on the banks of Maa Ganga, we had another opportunity to offer our love, devotion and commitment to serve, preserve and protect our sacred Mother Goddess, Mother Nature and Mother Earth, all of which are the embodiment of the divine feminine…the sacred maternal energy.

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