Message of Hope on World Humanitarian Day

In a message sent from abroad, where He is currently traveling, HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji – Muniji offered greetings and a beautiful message of hope on this World Humanitarian Day.

“This year’s World Humanitarian Day,” Pujya Swamiji shared, “is dedicated to tackling the climate crisis, the biggest health threat facing humanity. In view of the record breaking heat, devastating storms and changing weather in the world at this time, the theme of this year has been kept as Climate Crisis.

“This day gives the message of humanity towards Mother Earth, and towards the person standing at the end of the line. Both need our love and care. We must make changes to ensure that both receive our attention.

“We must behave with a sense of sympathy and compassion,” Pujya Swamiji continued. “Just as nature treats everyone with humanity, we must show our humanity to nature and the environment with positivity and compassion. We must behave with humanity towards our natural resources – especially towards our water and towards the trees and plants that give life and oxygen and nourish and protect the Earth. We must improve the standard of living of every part of society. We must remember to have a culture of need, not a culture of greed.

“Truly,” Pujya Swamiji concluded, “today is a day dedicated to the heroes who in real life, despite facing difficult situations, chose to serve humanity. This day is to thank all the great souls who either lost their lives or were injured themselves to help and save the lives of those in need – even in the hour of crisis.”