Kriya Yoga: Leading us to evolution

Parmarth Niketan offers sacred Kriya Yoga courses for those who want to experience the expansion of their consciousness.

For seven days of April students from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, India, Peru, Netherlands and USA came to the holy banks of Mother Ganga to join the Kriya Yoga 2.0 course.

Kriya is “action that leads us to evolution, expansion and liberation.” It’s a specific technique designed to create a specific evolutionary response. Traditionally Kriyas is taught from Guru to student and in Parmarth Niketan this tradition is kept alive by Parmarth Niketan’s Head of Yoga Department Sadhvi Abha Saraswati (Mataji).

Special Havan for Kriya Yoga Students

The practice of Kriya is a tool for people to increase their ability to hold and sustain, increasing the vital energy present in every human being (Kundalini). To awaken it means to reach a state of perfect consciousness.

The sacred science of Kriya Yoga, which consists of advanced techniques of meditation by which regular practice, has been said to lead to liberation from all kinds of bondage and suffering.

Stela from Brazil

“Practicing Kriya is reminding that I am stronger than I think I am, there is nothing left I cannot conquer. I am in the safest place in the world, I am at home, the one I have been always looking for, the one full of warmness, love, loving kindness, joy, trust, compassion, peace. It’s the inner home, the divine true self, the one my soul always wanted to connect with. Nowhere else I wish to be.”






Siddhi from Netherlands

“Kriyas practice bring you closer to your higher Self. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn this technique at the Kriya Yoga course.”





Ed from U.S.A.

“Kriya Yoga 2.0 for me was unfolding from the Kriya Yoga original course. It was an opportunity to take it to deeper level. During this practice I’ve learned so much about myself and returned back to my true nature.”





Poonam from India

“Kriya yoga works on multiple levels, from base cleanse of internal body systems, deep seated emotions and to connect with higher consciousness. This practice is a wonderful way to enhance the Self, from wherever one is placed in this journey of being. My experiences are way beyond I could imagine. It comes as a blessing to me to attend Kriya Yoga courses at Parmarth Niketan with excellent teachers as revered Mataji and endearing Induji.”



Juan Pablo from Argentina

“This Spiritual practice transforms your life and others around you. Kriya Yoga course at Parmarth Niketan has touched me deep within my spirit through the teachings of such divine souls like Sadhvi Abha Saraswati and Indu S., showing me in a very clear way a spiritual path with no return. My wish is this experience could be lived massively so that light shines upon the whole world.”




Elke from Germany

“Today is the last day of the Kriya Yoga 2.0 course and I feel full of love and light. Continued practice of Kriyas have amazing effects, you forget everything that keeps you down and your heart expands.”





Noor from Netherlands

“I returned to the Kriya Yoga course 2.0 because I felt the first one helped me to go beyond the mind, physical body and find more stillness.”






Manuel from Peru

“This is a subtle and deep practice I had the privilege to learn with a great teacher at Parmarth Niketan. I’m very grateful to have been able to receive all this knowledge from our beloved Mataji.”

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