Kriya Yoga: A Path to Self-Realization

The sacred science of Kriya Yoga exists in an advanced meditation technique that takes us to the real Yoga experience: The Union with the Divine and the liberation of our soul and mind from all kinds of attachment and suffering.

Special Havan for Kriya Yoga students

Through the practice and perfection of pranayama, mantras and mudras, Kriya Yoga allows us to quicken our self-development, and engenders a profound state of tranquility and spiritual growth. This technique helps the practitioner to control the life force by focusing our awareness on the energy centers (chakras) we have in our spine. It is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened.

Students enjoying at the Holy banks of Ganga

Kriya Yoga is also practical in its results: Consistent practice enhances your ability to concentrate, makes you feel more calm by reducing stress and creates more vital energy – you become a better person in every way.

Kriya Yoga Group

Students from countries around the world, including the USA, India, Brazil, France and Uruguay, participated in the 11-day course at Parmarth Niketan, deepening their Yoga practice and enhancing their spiritual journey. We hope that you enjoy these brief stories of their experiences.

Ricardo from Brazil

“Even for those who are beginning this journey towards the divine the course fulfills its goal. It was amazing to be in this community for two weeks. I hope to return soon. Peace of mind and a message of love and hope carry this experience.”








Rebecca from USA

“A wonderful and unexpected journey. Kriya yoga begins with breath-work and asanas and takes you so much further. The course supported me in deepening my yoga practice with the intense study of charkras, mantras, and meditation. And the teachers at Parmath brought an incredible amount of wisdom, patience and love to all of the students. I learned so much that I get to take with me and add to my daily practice. I highly recommend this class for all who are interested in exploring a new side of yoga.”







Akshat from India

“I had the great opportunity to learn the 20 Kriyas at the Kriya Yoga course with the excellent teachers Mataji and Induji. I enjoyed the experience at Parmarth Niketan situated on the Holy banks of Mother Ganga.”








Brian from USA

“I came into the Kriya Yoga course at Parmarth Niketan not knowing much about yoga besides the poses from Hatha yoga, the breathing of pranayama, and that there is a spiritual side to yoga. Very much a novice I felt kind of thrown into the deep end in this advanced meditation course. However, the staff at the ashram taught me so much and eventually I came into my own. Indu and Mataji are incredible teachers. They helped a newbie like me understand the complexities and unique ways of this meditation and have opened my eyes to the true side of yoga. Seeing I needed some guidance, Valentina helped point me in the right direction of learning the basics of yoga to give me a better foundation. In addition to that, Satsang and Ganga Aarti are incredible experiences that I will never forget and are worth the visit alone.”






Valentina from Uruguay

“The Kriya Yoga Course was an incredible and unforgettable experience where I had the opportunity to deepen my Yoga practice seeking to be closer to my self-realization every day. This practice helps you walk through the true spirit of Yoga, learning about yourself, the complexity of the mind and the true goal of this lifestyle in addition to asanas, pranayamas and mantras. This path is something I take for my life, for my daily practice, a way to feel more connected to myself.”





Johan from France

“It was a great experience to learn Kriya yoga with Mataji and Induji. They are truly spiritual masters who teach with generosity an ancient path of self-realization. Thanks a lot to them.”








Prabhat from India

“I am in my second Kriya yoga course and it has helped me tremendously in strengthening my practice and gaining a deeper understanding of the subtleties of chakras and its anatomy. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking for a holistic program for Kriya yoga initiation.”








Abi from USA

“Right from the start of our Kriya Yoga course, the teachers made us feel welcome and Parmarth Niketan made us feel at home. I did not know much about Kriya Yoga before starting the course, but with the support and kindness of the teachers, I was able to learn a great deal. One of my favorite parts of the course, aside from Kriya Yoga was attending Satsang each night. Listening to Sadhvi Bhagawati answer philosophical questions with such wisdom and beauty was incredibly inspirational and helpful in relation to meditation. Because of this course, I have discovered the spiritual benefits of mediation and the pathway to get there. I am excited to continue my practice back home and hopefully will one day be back at Parmarth Niketan for more!”

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