Inauguration of Green Shri Ram Katha

Innovation in Religion to bring Sustainable Living, Nation Building and Preservation of our Sacred Rivers

RISHIKESH: As a great source of inspiration for Religious and Spiritual Social Responsibility a month long Shri Ram Katha is being recited by Pujya Sant Murlidharji Maharaj, with the blessing and inspiration of Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan. Today was the beginning of the month long Katha which was officially dedicated to promoting nation building, sustainable living and protecting our sacred rivers. Every day the month long celebration and recitation of Bhagawan Shri Ram’s life and teachings would welcome revered saints and eminent leaders to lead pledges and inspire committed action that would make our world a cleaner and greener place for all beings.

The inauguration of this divine event began with the Honble Governor of Uttarakhand Smt Baby Rani Mauryaji, Pujya Sant Rajendra Dasji gracing the occasion blessed by the presence of Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji joining them to inaugurate the divine Katha with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony. The dignitaries offered sacred malas and flowers to the Vyas Peeth and Pujya Sant Murlidharji Maharaj. The Hon’ble Governor was offered a sacred Rudraksha sapling as a beautiful blessing from her visit.

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji welcomed everyone by saying, “This Katha is dedicated to Rashtriya, environmental preservation and protecting our sacred rivers. This sacred land where Maa Ganga originates, revered saints have reached enlightenment, the yoga capital of the world, situated at the foothill of the Himalayas is the best place to purify not only the body but the mind and reconnect with our spirit. During this Katha we will celebrate many special holidays such as Buddha Purnima, Ganga Dussehra, Nirjala Ekadashi and utilise every moment to realise how our lives can become clean, green celebrations in the service of making the world a better place for all beings.”

Explaining how the Katha is dedicated to environmental conservation He explained, “We have discussed with the Hon’ble Governor the opportunity we have to make the Kumbh Mela a Plastic Free one. We have discussed the installation of clean water filtration systems such as the Parmarth PiLo Pani Systems that are being installed in many pilgrimage sites across India. We would be installing two specifically in Agra to be inaugurated by our Hon’ble Governor who was former Mayor of Agra. We also look forward to working with her to take the environmental conservation cause up simultaneously with women and girl empowerment and education.”

Gracing the occasion was the Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand, Smt Baby Rani Mauryaji who said, “Maa Ganga might flow as a river amongst us but we must never forget that she is the Divine Mother Herself, granting us the precious gifts of clean water, clean air, clean environment & fresh oxygen. It is therefore our prime duty to preserve and protect her. With this divine month long Shri Ram Katha, inspired by Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, and recited by Pujya Sant Murlidharji let us all become the vessels and the instruments through which a New India, a clean, sustainable and resilient India is created. If we take a pledge of this nature from the banks of Mother Ganga will not only become true but will play a vital role in establishing India as a world leader for others to follow in its divine example.”

She shared her support for the great causes and intiatives mentioned by Pujya Swamiji and placed a great emphasis on nation building by the promotion and pride in our national languages of Hindi and Sanskrit. She mentioned that a strong connect to our mother tongue played a key role in a nations ability to instill pride in their roots and thereby strengthen the creation of a strong nation.

Pujya Rajendra Das Maharaj Malukpeethadeshwar blessed everyone with his beautiful presence, sharing, “As you bathe with devotion and awareness in the sacred waters of Mother Ganga during the month long Katha realise also that your mind, intellect and ego are being bathed by the soothing waters of the Shri Ram Katha. Take a dip not only in the Mother Ganga flowing externally but dip deep into the Katha Ganga flowing within you as well. I laud Pujya Swamiji’s unique and beautiful initiative to bring not only 7 or 9 day Katha but a one-month long Katha to us all and appreciate Sanskara TV for getting this LIVE for thousands across India and the world so the impact of the Katha can be far greater and wider.”

Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji giving her speech in Hindi shared so beautifully, “It is such a beautiful coincidence that on the United Nation’s International Day of Light and the International Day of Living Together in Peace we have the beginning of the Shri Ram Katha. Bhagawan Shri Ram’s life teaches us to live in the light and to be the light for others. When we can do so then we are not only in peace within but we exude and manifest peace wherever we go.”

She added, “It is such a great beginning to have this Katha be inaugurated by the State Governor whom I see as the Mother of the State- the Divine Shakti. I look forward to working together hand in hand and heart in heart, in the upcoming Kumbh and before as well as after to empower the women and girls in this state and in Uttar Pradesh for Menstural Hygiene Management and improved WASH. This is the need of the hour where we not only take the lesson from Bhagawan Shri Ram but the divine example of Mata Sita and bring their teachings in our lives. In this way let us purify not only our minds and our hearts but also work together to ensure our bodies and our environment is clean and pure for all.”

The Katha began with a beautiful blessings and great celebratory mood. As the Hon’ble Governor departed she was apprised of the clean drinking water system installed at the Parmarth Premises and the great example it would be for the Kumbh Mela. She was also informed about the many other green intiatives being undertaken for a Swachh and Sundar Bharat.

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