“Ed Fink draws on ashram experience to stay positive”, Baylor College of Medicine Communications

Divine soul and former sevak Ed Fink shares in this wonderful article published by the Baylor College of Medicine Communications team, his new employers, in his new life back in the United States, about how the time that he spent with us in Rishikesh has helped him to cope with the many challenges and stress and anxiety that so many are now facing because of the Coronavirus.

It’s beautiful to read his reflections as to how the ashram experience prepares you for whatever life throws your way….. it’s a powerful inoculation against stress and the angst of lockdown!

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We welcome everyone – whether sevaks, either former or present, or anyone who has experienced the connection with the Ashram community and family— to email and share with us their how the Ashram Experience has positively shaped the way they are able to be grounded and anchored during this time – (parmarth@parmarth.com)