Distribution and Surveys of the Villages in Laksar

Volunteers surveyed, set-up medical camps and distributed much needed relief materials to the following villages in Laksar from the 6th August to the 14th August:

• Gangadaspur,
• Punditpur,
• Chandrapur,
• Sherpur,
• Khanpur,
• Shivpuri,
• Maharajpur

Many hectares of farm land in these villages have been submerged by heavy flooding, washing away entire farm lands, people’s livelihoods and disconnecting them from connectivity to their nearby city to receive ration material and fulfill their basic daily needs. With waterborne illness and skin disease running rampant, water purification Shudhu tablets were distributed by volunteers. Medical camps were carried out in these villages and essential ration and essential animal food supply was provided to families who had lost their source of livelihood and whose livestock was struggling to survive.

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