Dhanteras Blessings

“Spirituality is not how we can have more but how we can be more. Spirituality is focused on bhatna (sharing and giving), not bhatorna (hoarding), as it’s not merely about filling our shelves but more about filling our Self.

“Either you focus on your shelf or you focus on yourself. If we spend our lives trying to fill our shelves, at the end of it we realize that our self feels pretty empty. It’s not about where you vacationed, what car you drive or your diamond necklace. It’s about how you love, what you give and where you focus your attention.
“We must return to the old values. These aren’t just Hindu values; they are universal values. Hinduism happens to have the benefit of volumes and volumes of scriptures that tell us what is important, what our traditional values are. And, those scriptures tell us that True Wealth is when our Self is filled with Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Service and Peace.

On this auspicious day of #Dhanteras, let us understand the true meaning of prosperity & focus on filling our Self, not our shelf! Let us choose to live simply, so that others may simply live!