Saints Darshan and Yoga Begins

Pujya Swami Hansdev Acharya and Pujya Swami Dharmdev Maharaj joined Pujya Swamiji for Ganga Aarti today. They both passionately and ardently showed their support for Pujya Swamiji Clean and Green Ganga Mission. They explained that the Divine River and Mother, Ganga, is ever pure we just need to make sure that we don’t throw trash and pollute Her. They also inspired everyone to expand our understanding of the River Ganga and Mother Ganga as that which pervades everything, just like water exists outside and inside of us. Therefore that which we do onto our external environment is suggestive of the pollution we are also doing onto our internal environment. They said that Pujya Swamiji’s innovative approaches to inspire and ignite the spirit of cleaning and greening our environment is actually on a much deeper and more internal level also. This is why a Hari Katha becomes a Green Katha and holiday becomes a Holiday. As they looking towards the slogan just in front of them they emphasized also how ‘Jai Jai Gange!’ becomes also ‘Jaivik Gange’ and how ‘Har Har Gange’ becomes ‘Herbal Gange’ and ‘Har Bal Gange.’

A special deep jyoti (lighting) ceremony took place to mark the official inauguration of the two-week Beginner Foundation Yoga Course and the month long Yoga Teacher Training, programme jointly offered by Parmarth Niketan and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana – S-VYASA.The yoga students are from over 13 countries, from US, UK, Canada, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Korea, West Indies, Brazil, Italy, Mangolia to India. Coming from many different backgrounds from medical, business, education to service, they seek to deepen their practice and get not only the teaching but the authentic touch and transformation of being in the sacred banks of Mother Ganga and in the lap of the Himalayas with the blessings and divine presence of revered saints.

Pujya Swamiji emphasized to those attending the katha that time had come we not only sing or chant the name of the Lord but also start doing the work of the Lord. He said to the Yoga participants that they must also pledge to become Yogis for Ganga, Yogis for the Protection of our Environment and share as teachers and practitioners how vital these efforts are to true lasting peace, health and happiness.

Presentation of Yog Bharti, Bangalore’s Prof A Satyanaryana Sastryji’s book ‘Let Go: Discover Lasting Happiness’ was also done by Shri NV Raguramji, Director Spiritual (International) VYASA, Bangalore and Chairman of Yog Bharti, USA to Pujya Swamiji and Revered Saints on the recent occasion of Pujya Swamiji’s divine green birthday.

Shri NV Raguramji said that: ‘ I have been so deeply touched by Pujya Swamiji and His message that as I offer the book written by my Pujya Guruji on the occasion of his mahasamadhi, I feel as if his divine light burns ever so brightly in the lives of saints such as Pujya Swamiji. Both of their lives are dedicated to the selfless service and welfare of all which is the ultimate path of happiness and bliss.

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