Project Hope Volunteers @ Parmarth Veerpur Storage Facilities

For over one month our volunteers at our Parmarth Veerpur Ashram work behind the scenes to receive, record, store and organize the gifts in kind and relief material donations that have come in from all over the nation. The generous donations have included everything from cremation rites samagri, medicines to daily necessities, such as food, water, blankets, warm clothes, toothbrushes and so much more. They carefully count, store and prepare relief kits that get loaded onto trucks which then go into the affected regions. Regular coordination with administration and our on ground volunteers ensure that the trucks arrive safely and with least amount of delays.

This album provides a glimpse into the dedicated services that illustrate the divine vision of Pujya Swamiji bringing people of different faiths, organizations and walks of life together as one family serving selflessly with the theme and mission of providing much needed relief to the survivors of the recent tragedy.

The first batch of relief supplies that came in soon after the rescue efforts were unloaded by Pujya Swamiji’s divine hands and joined by Smt Navjoot Kaurji, of Punjab, Sadhvi Bhagawatiji and members of Parmarth, GAP, Uday Foundation, BAPS and Emami all joined together for the spirit and mission of Project Hope.

Since then, over 40 trucks of tens of thousands of relief material kits have been prepared and sent to the survivors of the recent tragic flash floods. These locals still face extreme hardships with roads that remain cut-off due to ongoing monsoon and sporadic landslides. The first phase of materials prepared were to provide immediate, emergency relief to the pilgrims, yatris and villagers as well as to provide ghee, sandalwood, camphor etc. for dignified last rites ceremonies in Kedarnath. The next phase was to provide relief to the villagers of the affected regions to ensure their basic needs are met with regard to food, medicines, warm clothing, blankets and other essentials, helping them to survive through this time of crisis. The third, current phase is to provide temporary shelters, tarpaulins and solar lights so that villagers make it safely and securely through the monsoons while continuing to provide food, clothing, medicines, blankets and other necessities.

A careful coordination between these volunteers at our storage facilities and our on ground volunteers, as well as local representatives and administration, ensures that much needed relief supplied get to those who are truly in need. Villages in the most remote and cut-off places, widows, children, disabled persons and the elderly are identified first and have been provided much needed essentials.

Project Hope salutes the spirit of service of our generous donors and NGOs that have come together to donate and provide us with much needed and life-saving medicines and relief supplies which have truly made a difference in thousands of lives. It is through your divine action that we can serve together to help and heal the people and the land of Uttarakhand.

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