Medical Camps Gujjar Basti and Kunau

Our Weekly Free Medical Camp took place in 2 nearby villages this week, Gujjar Basti and Kunau. Punita, from London, Sonia, from Russia, and Martina, from Bali, joined Dr Priya, Bibi Ma as the strong Parmarth Niketan and Divine Shakti Foundation team ready to serve these populations.

A total of 98 people were treated at the medical camp at the Gujjar Basti with various diseases from fever, common cold and cough. The Gujjar Basti is migrant population of locals who live and are dependent upon their forest and their livestock. Therefore, Punita also demonstrated and explained basic hygienic practices such as how to brush teeth and the importance of hand washing with soap to the children in the community.

At the Kunau village the medical team offered their free services to 31 patients who were affected by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, ear infection, especially in the young children, as well as common cold and fever symptoms.

The volunteers were deeply grateful for the experience and to have interacted with the people of the Himalayas as were the local members of the community grateful to have been touched by the care and love of the team.

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