Medical Camp in Kandhakhan

The Divine Shakti Foundation’s Free Medical Care Camp visited the the village of Kandhakhan and two neighboring Himalayan villages. The village has a total population of about 600. It seemed like due to migration many of the youth of these villages had left their homes to go to the cities, however, the camp saw 15 young teenagers, 12 of them who were treated.
The medical camp treated 45 people in total.  Thirty-three were adults with the majority in the range of 45 to 55 years of age. The youngest patient was three years old; the oldest was 85. Twenty four of the patients were females; 21 were males.
DSF’s Free Medical Care Programme believes in holistic healthcare and this was reflected in the several stations set up during the camp such as: registration and the doctor’s station, a yoga and massage station, the wound-care station, a hand washing and tooth brushing station for the children, as well as another area for the children to learn some yoga and chanting. At the doctor’s station, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood-glucose levels were taken and compared with data from a previous visit. Each patient then consulted with Dr Priya about his or her illness, and she prescribed accordingly.
There were many cases of eye infections and cataracts, joint pain and joint injuries, arthritis, skin problems, infected wounds, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high acidity (indigestion). There was one case of high fever in a young woman, while her mother had a low-grade fever. Pain relievers and fever reducers were also administered to those in need of them. Dr. Priya prescribed drops for the people with eye complaints. The volunteers administered the first dose of the drops and then the patients were given the bottle of eye drops to take home. Many other patients had various joint swelling and pain from old badly healed injuries and overwork. When possible, injured joints were wrapped for stability. The three-year-old girl child was treated for an ear infection.
While patients were consulting with the doctor and being given exercises and massages with pain-relieving ointment by Theresa, Jyoti lead the children in a tutorial on proper hand washing and tooth brushing. She made it into a song and circle. Later Theresa led the children in a simple yoga, chanting, and mudra class. The Divine Shakti Foundation (DSF) shares its deep gratitude for its team of sevaks (volunteers), Theresa and Loki (from Oregon, USA) and Jyoti and Medical Camp Co-ordinator and Lead Dr Priya Singh, both from Parmarth Niketan, for serving selflessly in this camp.
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