Medical Camp at Sarvhara Nagar in Kali Ki Dhal

Last month the Divine Shakti Foundation’s free medical care team travelled to government primary school Sarvhara Nagar in Kali Ki Dhal, less than an hour from Parmarth Niketan. On arrival, children and mothers were already eagerly waiting, so the camp set up quickly. More than 140 patients were seen, within the age range of 6 months to 86 years, and the following conditions were treated: common cold, fever, hypotension, gastric, diarrhea, high blood pressure, diabetes, ear & eye infections as well as eczema.
Interns helping from the US did a great job in managing the growing crowd and helping with the dressing of wounds. Divine Shakti Foundation shares its deep gratitude for its team of sevaks (volunteers) Jesse & Courtney (students from Knox College, USA) and Jyoti, Medical Camp Coordinator and Lead Dr Priya Singh, both from Parmarth Niketan, for serving selflessly in this camp.
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