Medical Camp at Kunau

On Sunday, Parmarth and Divine Shakti Foundation volunteers travelled 10kms from Parmarth to the village of Kunau for a free medical camp.

Upon arrival, villagers had already lined up for the free camp, as access to free, quality healthcare is difficult to come by in these areas. The medical team treat the common complaints such as acidity, joint pain, ear infections, high blood pressure, and cough, as seen so often in these weekly camps. They also advised the locals on the efficacy of their local herb which is good for cough.

In addition to this, volunteers helped those with postural problems by demonstrating some yoga postures to help improve their condition, and massages were also given to those patients who complained of knee pain.

Another volunteer demonstrated a proper handwashing lesson to the children, who were all keen to participate.

Volunteers were also able at this camp to distribute clothing which had been donated.

A total of 62 patients were seen.

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