Medical Camp at Ganga Bhogpur in Kodia

The Divine Shakti Foundation’s free medical care team travelled to government primary school Government Inter College, Ganga Bhogpur in Kodia, only 18km from Parmarth Niketan. More than 50 patients were seen and the following conditions were treated: constipation, dental issues, diabetes, ear infections, hypo-tension, joint & shoulder issues, knee and sciatica problems, leucorrhoea, postural problems, skin allergies and worms.

Yoga students Jenny from South Africa and James and Kitty both from the UK gave massages to loosen tension in muscles, demonstrated specific yoga exercises, breathing techniques and exercises to strengthen certain muscles. Yoga student Stephie from Austria sang a song to the children the English words for different parts of the body: “Head, shoulders, knees and toes…“ They also learned a Hindi song during which they walked in a circle, waving their hands. At the end the youngest were given dolls which made them smile and giggle.

After the medical camp, the Waves For Water Filtration System was demonstrated to Mr Rajput, the school’s Maths Teacher who had organised the medical camp for the village. The demonstration included showing him how to use the water filtration system, how to know if the filter needs flushing, how to flush the system and how to take care of the bucket. After the demonstration, free toothbrushes were distributed to the children. Yoga student Lili from Germany used the filtration system to demonstrate to the children how to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and brush their teeth correctly. For the children it was as much fun as educational.

Divine Shakti Foundation shares its deep gratitude for its team of sevaks (volunteers) Kitty, James, Lili, Jenny & Stephie (yoga students from the UK, Germany, South Africa & Austria) and Jyoti, Medical Camp Coordinator and Lead Dr Priya Singh, both from Parmarth Niketan, for serving selflessly in this camp.

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