Krishna Das Joins for Ganga Aarti

Krishna Das, world renowned kirtan singer, joined Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji for divine Ganga Aart and Satsang. During Parmarth Niketan’s blissful and beautiful thanksgiving ceremony, Sadhviji shared with participants and pilgrims from many countries, some of which included Argentina, America, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Africa, as well as so many others, that for those living on the holy banks of Mother Ganga the Ganga Aarti was their ‘Happy Hour’. This was a time in which everyone, of all ages and all backgrounds, joined together in divine chanting and music with the spirit of ‘one world family’ to give thanks to the Sun, Mother Ganga and Mother Nature for the bountiful and unconditional gifts that Nature bestows upon us throughout the day.

She explained that it was unlike the ‘Happy Hour’ in most western countries where people gather in pubs and clubs after their working day to drink away the stresses and tensions of the day. She beautifully summarized it by saying, “The Aarti provides inTONICation rather than inTOXICation, which refreshes and renews our mind, body and soul without any harmful toxins and alcohol and leaves us with a much deeper and more sustainable state of happiness.”

Also present were lead singer of Go-Gos, Belinda Carlisle, and revered leader from Argentina, Jorge Bindondo with his large group and many participants of the Kundalini Yoga, Premananada Yoga and various other programmes taking place at the ashram.

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhviji honoured Krishna Dasji with a beautiful litchi sapling. They explained that just as the fruits of the litchi tree provide sweet and nourishing juice so too may he continue to share with the world the raas (juice) of bhakti (devotion) through his divine kirtan.

Belinda Carlisle was also offered a beautiful sapling by Pujya Swamiji and Krishna Das as a symbol that just as the tree stays ever-green and gives to others so too may her talent and devotion continue to bring people together in much joy and love.

During satsang, Sadhviji beautifully answered questions ranging from ‘finding happiness’ to ‘good parenting.’

The group from Argentina was deeply touched and inspired by the evening. They joined in a group pledge for preserving and protecting the world’s sacred water bodies as well as took part in GIWA’s Water Blessing Ceremony as their prayer and pledge to improve WASH for children all over the world.

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