Kedarnath Katha

Two special kathas were held in memory of those who lost their lives during last year’s devastating floods in Uttarakhand, and in honour of their families who struggle to rebuild their lives from the tragic loss. It was Pujya Swamiji’s inspiring vision that the kathas would be both a sacred occasion to bathe in the divine stories of the Creator as well as an opportunity to honour the divine Creation, filling the listeners with renewed peace and hope.

One katha was delivered in Augustmuni, Rudraparayag, near the center of last year’s disaster , by Respected Acharya Shiv Prasad Mamgaiji and the other was delivered at Parmarth Niketan (Rishikesh) by Respected Sarasji Maharaj. During both of the week-long kathas Pujya Swamiji reminded and encouraged everyone to take the message of the katha within and to pledge themselves to bringing about a green vision in their own lives. He inspired everyone to not only nurture the roots of devotion within their hearts but to also pledge to nurture and tenaciously protect the sacred soil of Uttarakhand by planting more trees.

On the one year anniversary of the disaster and throughout the duration of the kathas , many of the plans and activities being led and inspired by Pujya Swamiji through Parmarth Niketan, Ganga Action Parivar, Divine Shakti Foundation and Global Interfaith WASH Alliance were unveiled.

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