H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)
October - November 2005 


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October 1 - 6 -- Himalayan yatra
For one week, Pujya Swamiji led a divine yatra to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Guptkashi and Rudraprayag in the Himalayas.

We began from Rishikesh on the morning of the 1st October and drove to Guptkashi to the divine ashram of Swami Girjananandji. Then on October 2, we left early and drove to Gaurikund from where we started the 14 km trek to Kedarnath, reaching to the holy tirth in the late evening. Our plan had been to have darshan and puja in the temple on the 3rd morning, but the 3rd was an eclipse; hence the temple would be closed. Therefore, they arranged for a special, private puja for our group from 11:00 pm - midnight on the 2nd night.



On the 3rd morning, after having a crystal clear darshan of Kedarnath, we trekked back down to Gaurikund.




We reached back to the beautiful Himalayan ashram in Guptkashi in late afternoon and spent the duration of the eclipse (from 4:18 pm - 5:30 pm) in puja, prayer and chanting.

October 4 morning we drove to Badrinath, stopping along the way for darshan at Hanuman Chatti. 
After lunch at Parmarth Lok, Badrinath, we left for Mana, the last village on the Indian side of the border, and also the site where many historical and spiritual events took place. For example, in Mana, in Vyasa Guffa, Maharishi Vyasji wrote the Mahabharata and also arranged the Vedas into the current arrangement of 4 separate Vedas.

Further, in Mana, one can walk the path that the Pandava brothers walked with Draupadi after the Mahabharata war, and one can even see the bridge (Bhima phool) where Bhima pushed a large rock across the Saraswati river so that Draupadi could cross.

We meditated in Vyasa guffa, had darshan of the Saraswati river and Bhima phool, and also distributed sweets to every member of the village!


Yatris outside of Vyas Guffa and with a local woman of Mana



Our rishikumars feeding sweets to all villagers in Mana





On the morning of the 5th October, we had a divine puja in the mandir and also a beautiful yagna outside the temple



In front of the Badrinath Mandir


On the 5th October, after leaving Badrinath, we spent the night in Rudraprayag, the sangam of the holy Mandakini river from Kedarnath and the holy Alakananda river from Badrinath. Pujya Swamiji felt that Ganga Aarti should be performed at this sacred prayag. Hence, we had arranged in advance for aarti supplies and we organized the first aarti at Rudra Prayag sangam. Pujya Swamiji pledged his support and assistance in helping the local people continue the aarti each evening.


Yatris included the family of Sandeep and Manjari Gupta, owners of Dainik Jagran newspaper, Smt. Yashodhara Oberoi, Lily Bafandi of Switzerland and others from USA and India, as well as our divine Rishikumars.



Aarti in Rudra Prayag



October 16-- Rishikesh
His Excellency the Honorable Governor of Uttranchal and Honorable former Chief Justice High Court of India, Shri Venkatachaliahji came for Ganga Aarti. Shri Venkatachaliahji is an honorary patron of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism project and he was very glad to hear how the project is progressing, closer and closer to its ultimate, historic completion. Pujya Swamiji also shared with him various other projects of IHRF's underway, including the widescale tsunami relief and also the Mansarovar/Mt. Kailash project.


Pujya Swamiji sits with Hon. Shri Venkatachaliahji

The Honorable Governor of Uttranchal, Shri Sudarshan Agarwal, came also that evening and graced us all with his presence. Pujya Swamiji always says that he wishes every state in India had a governor like Shri Sudarshanji. He is the epitome of selfless service, integrity and commitment.


Hon. Governor Shri Sudarshan Agarwal
and Hon. Chief Justice Shri
Venkatachaliah perform Ganga yagna
and aarti with Pujya Swamiji.








The Hon. Governor and Hon. Chief Justice perform Aarti; Prakash Hindujaji was also at Parmarth.



After the Aarti, the Honorable Guests
spoke and Shri Prakash Hindujaji
presented a flower mala to the
Honorable Governor







Pujya Swamiji offered sacred Mansarovar jal (holy water) to the Honorable Governor and Honorable Chief Justice


After the aarti, the Honorable Governor, Honorable Chief Justice, Shri P.P. Hinduja and Shri J.C. Pant gathered in Pujya Swamiji's garden for prasad




October -- Rishikesh

Pujya Swami Madhavpriyadasji of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya came to Parmarth Niketan with a large group of Swaminarayan Swamijis. It was a great honor for us to have their darshan and to have them with us. In November of 2002 a group of 200 Swaminarayan swamijis and devotees had come to Parmarth, under the leadership of Pujya Swami Madhavpriyadasji for several weeks. We hope they will continue to grace Parmarth with their presence.








October 23 -- Delhi

Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Bhaishri traveled together to Delhi for the opening of the new, divine Akshardham temple. The Akshardham temple is being heralded as the 8th wonder of the world! Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Bhaishri had a tour of the entire temple and its grounds and also saw the outstanding IMAX film. Then, they had a program in the temple hall where each gave effusive praise and blessings for this spectacular spiritual and cultural masterpiece. It is all due to the grace of H.H. Pujya Pramukh Swamiji that this divine temple came to fruition.


October 23 - 30 -- Rishikesh

Samantha Matthews, yoga teacher from Los Gatos (near San Francisco), California came with a group of yoga students to spend a week on the banks of Mother Ganga, learning yoga and living yoga! Samantha had done her teacher's training program here at Parmarth Niketan several years ago and is now a successful and beloved yoga teacher. It's wonderful to see the teaching and the touch of Parmarth spreading out to touch more and  more people around the world.


Group of yoga students who came
with Samantha perform sacred yagna
and aarti after taking spiritual names
and mantra from Pujya Swamiji







The whole group at Aarti and then with Pujya Swamiji and the rishikumars in His jyopri (hut)



November 1-- Rishikesh

November 1 was the divine occasion of Diwali. For the full meaning of this beautiful festival of lights, click here.

Diwali at Parmarth was celebrated with a divine puja on the banks of Mother Ganga and a yagna and Ganga Aarti. Following aarti Pujya Swamiji gave His "Diwali Message" to all present and then the rishikumars lit firecrackers on the ghat!!! A perfect mix of prayer and play!

Guests on Diwali included people from USA and from across India. VIPs included Shri Bawa Jain, the secretary General of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual leaders at the United Nations and the current Secretary General of the World Council of Religious Leaders, and the Birla family from Bombay and Delhi.  Yash and Avanti Birla from Bombay came with their dear children Nirvaan, Vedanth and Shloka, and Chandrakant Birla came from Delhi with his wife and daughter Avanti.





Shloka Birla lights sparklers with the rishikumars





After dinner, the guests present helped to distribute warm clothing to the rishikumars for winter - including hats and sweaters.


The Birla family distributes hats and sweaters



Shloka Birla distributes sweaters; Dr. Naranbhai & Niruben Patel and Monika & Anu Varma from USA distribute hats


November 5-- Rishikesh

Shri Pankaj and Smt. Charoo Munjal of Hero Honda came to Parmarth with their entire family for the mundan ceremony of Aryan Kholsa, son of Shri Gagan and Smt. Rohini Kholsa. It was a beautiful, divine ceremony on the banks of Mother Ganga performed by the priests and rishikumars.

It's always so beautiful to see families who are highly successful, wealthy and prominent business people choose to come all the way to Rishikesh, to this holy land, to perform the sacred sanskars. It is so easy to lose sight of the importance of these divine rites of passage when one reaches such a high level financially and socially. Thus, we were so impressed to see the piety and devotion with which the entire family traveled from Bombay and Delhi to Rishikesh for this beautiful sanskara.


Puja and prayer at the mundan ceremony





Pujya Swamiji offers a flower and blessings to dear Aryan



If you would like to learn more about these beautiful sanskaras or to see the other sanskaras we perform at Parmarth, please see www.parmarth.com/sanskaras.htm


November 7-- Haridwar and Rishikesh
Pujya Swamiji was a Guest of Honor at the inauguration of the Manav Seva Sannidhi artificial limbs camp organized by Divine Soul Smt. Abhilasha Singhvi, daughter of respected and eminent philosopher, writer, former High Commissioner to the UK, political and social leader Dr. L.M. Singhviji. Abhilashaji has been organizing camps for 18 years in which the poorest of the poor who have lost limbs due to illness or accident get new, custom-made, top-of-the-line prosthetic limbs made on site. The camps have previously been held in Gujarat, and this was the first in Uttranchal. Next camp will be held and organized at Parmarth!


(left to right) Abhilasha and Dr. LM Singhvi, Pujya Swamiji, Brahmachari Brahmaswarupji; Pujya Swamiji lights the lamp with the Honorable Gov. of Uttranchal and Abhilasha and Dr. LM Singhviji

There was a beautiful inauguration ceremony, attended also by the Honorable Governor of Uttranchal Shri Sudarshan Agarwal, during which Abhilashaji explained the program and introduced both the new patients who would receive limbs during this camp and also former patients who have received limbs in the past.

As she called out the names of each former patient, she told the story of how he/she lost the limb. Each came prancing out, proudly and confidently striding forth on their new feet and legs. One man who had lost both legs actually now makes a living as a delivery man on a bicycle!! To the thunderous applause from the audience, he came out adeptly riding his bicycle through the crowd.

Pujya Swamiji speaks at the function. Beside Him are (right to left): Honorable Governor of Uttranchal, Dr. LM Singhviji, Pujya Swami Satyamitranandji and Brahmachari Satpalji

One very poor man from the Himalayas had lost his leg in 1962 fighting for India in the war against China. He has been handicapped since, for more than 40 years. However, through this camp, he was about to receive a new leg! Pujya Swamiji, in His speech, said poignantly that the man who had given his leg so that India could stand proudly had become handicapped and unable to stand himself. Yet, today, due to Abhilashaji's divine seva, he who had given his leg to India was going to receive a new leg from Abhilasha!

Pujya Swamiji was so touched by the patients whose lives had been repaired by receiving a new limb that He invited them all to come for Ganga aarti in the evening. Dr. L.M. Singhviji, dear Abhilashaji and Smt. Kamal Singhviji were already planning to come, but Pujya Swamiji requested for all of the former patients to come as well.


Clockwise from right: Dr. LM Singhviji,
Smt. Kamalaji and dear Abhilashaji
perform yagna with Pujya Swamiji
and with the patients who have
received prosthetic limbs through
MSS camps; Pujya Swamiji
blesses Dr. LM Singhviji







It was a truly divine experience of unparalleled optimism and hope to see a group of patients, crippled, impoverished and abandoned by everyone other than Abhilasha, dance the Garba around our yagna kund after aarti!! Other than Abhilashaji's, there were no feet of flesh and blood touching the ground. Everyone - the men, the women, the old and the young - were dancing joyously on limbs of synthetic materials. Yet, the joy with which they danced far surpassed those who are still blessed by God to have all 4 limbs in tact.

Pujya Swamiji has pledged His support for this divine mission. 

Also, on that evening we had a special honoring of Janak Singh, a man who had begun in Pujya Swamiji's seva many years ago, working in the office for the India Foundation's innumerable charitable projects. Pujya Swamiji could see Janak's ability and also his dedication and honesty. So, when the opportunity arose, Pujya Swamiji recommended him to a devotee who is a successful businessman abroad. Janak left India to go work for this business man, and due to his hard work and ability, he has earned crores of rupees in the last few years!!!



However, we received an email from him several months ago in which he said that he wanted to donate his first one lakh of dollars to the Foundation! He wanted to give his first successful earnings back to the Guru, to the foundation and to the project that had given him his start in life! On Janak's last trip to India he came back to Parmarth where Pujya Swamiji had Dr. L.M. Singhviji present him with a shawl.


November 8-- Delhi
Pujya Swamiji was a special Guest speaker at a function regarding the tragic situation facing girls in India - with respect to feticide, child-selection, abandonment of girl children and the consequent grave decline in the proportion of young girls to boys in many parts of the country. The program was organized by UNESCO with Art of Living. Spiritual leaders from all faiths from across India came to this function and spoke out against the current situation and pledged to use their influence to effect change.



Clockwise from right: Pujya Swamiji delivers His talk; Pujya Swamiji with
Pujya Swami Vishveshtirthji from Udupi; Pujya Swamiji with Pujya Bal Gangadhar Swamiji from Bangalore and Pujya
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar





All of the spiritual leaders present at the conference

November 9-- London
Pujya Swamiji gave a beautiful lecture during His short stay in London titled "Your Divine Yatra to Spirituality". He explained, in a gracefully flowing mix of English, Gujarati and Hindi, how to turn our lives from the external to the internal.

The program was co-organized by Garavi Gujarat Magazine/Asian Trader Publications, UK (see www.gg2.net) and India Heritage Research Foundation. It was a great gathering of approximately 400 people at the Kadwa Patidar Center, particularly as it was a weeknight!

We also celebrated the birthday of Kalpesh Solanki, managing Editor of Garavi Gujarat and IHRF trustee, during the function.

November 11-13-- Miami, Florida, USA
Each year the Omega Institute of New York (USA's premier institute for yoga, meditation and other healing/spiritual sciences), see www.eomega.org ,  hosts a huge conference to which they call all of the top, most famous, renowned yoga teachers, meditation and healing experts from USA together. The Conference this year was titled "Path of Yoga." There were approximately 40 of America's founders, directors and leaders of all the different forms of yoga who came together to offer classes at the huge Sheraton Bal Harbour Resort in Miami. Nearly 1000 participants came from across the world to participate and learn in the conference.

Each year, the conference opens on Friday evening with a special Key-note address. A famous expert in the field is usually called to deliver this 90 minute inaugural address. However, this was the first time they had called a holy person, a saint, a spiritual leader to be the keynote speaker.


 It was an amazing experience as over 1000 participants, teachers and students listened to Pujya Swamiji speak for nearly 2 hours on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. He discussed the 8-fold path of yoga, from the yamas and niyamas (do�s and don�ts) to Samadhi (divine, ecstatic bliss).


With humor and examples from everyday life, Pujya Swamiji explained each of the eight limbs and how they are all crucial parts of being a �yogi.�  

Typically in the West, yoga is taught as asana. Occasionally some pranayama and/or meditation is taught. But, rarely are the yamas and niyamas discussed as crucial aspects of living a yogic life. Rarely are students taught that being a yogi means being peaceful, being truthful, being generous, exercising restraint in all areas, surrendering to God.  Everyone left the talk with a clear understanding that yoga is much more than postures and they learned how to bring the full, completeness of yogic union into their daily lives. It was the first time that most of the participants had met a saint, and their lives were changed.

During the course of the weekend (Pujya Swamiji also gave additional discourses and question-answer sessions on a Yogic Life), so many people told him that due to His talk, their lives had changed. Many became vegetarian. Many promised to incorporate ahimsa, satyam and the other yamas and niyamas into their daily lives. All were forever touched and transformed by His presence.

November 14-- Tampa, Florida, USA
After spending the weekend in Miami, Pujya Swamiji spent a night in Tampa where He gave pravachan and darshan at the BAPS mandir in Tampa. The program was organized by Dr. Sharadbhai and Gargi Patel and Bellaben and Yogeshbhai Patel.

November 20-- Phoenix, AZ, USA
On the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ekta Mandir in Phoenix, Pujya Swamiji travelled to Phoenix where He gave 2 programs. The first was at the Festival of India where He gave a talk on Karma Yoga and the second was a special pravachan program at the community hall next to where the Ekta Mandir will be built.

One participant sent the following email to Shri Bhagubhai Patel (who had organized the program) afterwards, describing his experience:

Yesterday�s event was one of a kind that touched both our hearts and also that of many young executives, engineers, doctors, lawyers and the seniors!
The attendees were on their best behavior and they were indeed well disciplined during the presentation! There was pin-drop silence during the Discourse of HH Pujya Swamiji! This proves a point that the Discourse was outstanding with immense clarity and simplicity that had direct relevance in daily life, along with genuine quality substance and a powerful message for all of us. All that he did was in an extremely friendly and practical manner with fatherly, in fact saintly, touching advice to surrender our anger and ego, to forgive and forget, and to set an example especially for young ones! HH Pujya Swamiji has full command over so many languages. He has special public speaking skills of switching languages at ease. His speech flows like the holy and cool waters of river Ganges!
The key words from his talk were: calm, humble, politeness, yoga, pranayam, meditation, touch/connection, sanskar�.
Your persistence and insistence to HH Pujya Swamiji for gracing the Center with his presence was evidently absolutely well worth it. It certainly proved to be a huge success. All of us definitely benefited a lot from his brief moments with us!
Briefly, Bhagubhai, Good job well done!


November 24-25-- Tsunami Affected Areas, India
Pujya Swamiji returned from His short trip to USA and went immediately down South to the tsunami affected area where we are working on several projects, including the reconstruction of 2 villages in Pondicherry and the construction of an orphanage & home for widowed/abandoned ladies in Tamil Nadu. (see www.projecthope-tsunami.com for details of the projects). The official handing over of the houses of Pannithittu village was completed on December 13 by the hands of the Honorable Governors of Tamil Nadu, Uttranchal and Pondicherry together. See next month's update for full details.

November 28-  Rishikesh
Shri S.P. Hindujaji of London, UK came with his entire family to Parmarth Niketan to celebrate the special occasion of his 70th birthday. We had a beautiful puja, yagna and aarti on the banks of Mother Ganga and then had a special bhandara where nearly 100 revered saints plus poor ladies plus all the rishikumars, brahmacharis and priests of Parmarth were fed. Nearly 500 people had the special bhandara in honor of Shri S.P. Hindujaji. Following that we distributed new blankets to all of the saints and rishikumars and new sarees to all of the ladies.

The four Hinduja brothers perform puja with Pujya Swamiji on the banks of Ganga


The Hinduja family performs puja and yagna with Pujya Swamiji's presence as blessings

We had a special Ganesh puja, Navagraha puja, Shanti puja, Ayush puja and Ganga puja, followed by a Ganesh homa, Navagraha homa, Shanti homa and Ayush homa. This was followed by the yagna purnahuti and the divine Ganga aarti and sankirtan.

Purnahuti of the special yagna


Clockwise from right: Ashokji and Harshaji Hinduja perform aarti; the entire family sings kirtan; the entire family performs aarti




It was beautiful to see Shri Hindujaji choosing to celebrate this special birthday, not in a beachside resort or fancy hotel, with glasses of champagne, but rather on the banks of Mother Ganga with puja and prayer. It is, in fact, a tradition in the family to celebrate special occasions at Parmarth Niketan. In December 2001 we celebrated the Centenary Celebration of the Patriarch of the Hinduja family, Shri Parmanand D. Hinduja (see www.parmarth.com/updates/novdec2001/index.htm) and in December 2004 we celebrated the Centenary Celebration of the divine Mother of the Hinduja family, Smt. Jamuna P. Hinduja (see www.parmarth.com/updates/janfeb2005/index.html).




Pujya Swamiji presents Shri S.P.ji with a beautiful murti of Ganeshji



Clockwise from right: Gopiji and Harshaji Hinduja sing beautiful bhajans; Vinooji and Harshaji feed the rishikumars; the family distributes blankets to the saints










Parmarth Niketan


MARCH 1-7, 2006

Click here for highlights of the 2004 Festival
Click here for highlights of the 2005 Festival

This year�s highlights will include:

Inspiring lectures by revered saints

H.H. Sri Shankaracharya Swami Divyanand Teerthji H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji H.H. Swami Veda Bharatiji



taught by world famous Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa of Golden Bridge Yoga, Hollywood, California, USA . Gurmukh is one of the world's most renowned Kundalini Yoga teachers and is one of the highlights of every year's Festival. 



taught by David Frawley, a world renowned expert on Vedanta, Ayurveda and their synthesis with yoga. Founder of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and author of "Yoga and Ayurveda" and "Yoga and the Sacred Fire"



taught by Ganeshanath, director of the Latin America School of Yoga, and president of The Argentine Republic Federation of Yoga.


Yoga Nidra and NADA YOGA
Reiki courses and treatment with renowned Reiki Master Rohini Khatri
lectures on the connection between mind-body
cultural song-dance programs   musical performances



For assistance in booking plane tickets, hotel arrangements, tours or transport to Rishikesh, please contact Mr. Neeraj Gupta at gupta_ng_in@hotmail.com
or by phone on +91-9811111044


On April 17, 2004 at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, USA a film on the life and teachings of Pujya Swamiji premiered to a sold out audience. The film, titled, "A Day in the Light" is produced and directed by Christopher Miglino. 

The film has already been shown to delighted and inspired audiences at the Sedona Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles and several other film festivals in USA and Europe. 

See www.adayinthelight.com  to order your own copy of the beautiful film. Or, you can go directly to www.amazon.com and order it from there

For more information, email Christopher directly at chris@yogamates.com

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Bathing in Ganga at Parmarth


Itinerary for Pujya Swamiji 
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14-31 Rishikesh     17-18 Bangalore
        20-28 Rishikesh

**Please note that Pujya Swamiji will be in a silent meditation
from January 5 - January 25.
He will be giving darshan only for a brief period once a day.

Email contact for program information: parmarth@aol.com

*Note: Pujya Swamiji's schedule is always subject to change at the last minute. Please be sure to call or email prior to coming to Rishikesh, just to confirm that He is there.

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