Highlights in the Life of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)

JUNE 2001


June 1: -- Rishikesh

Ganga Dusshera
Graced by the presence of Pujya Bhaiji, Pujya Swami Chinmayanandji, Pujya Acharya Kishore Vyasji and so many other revered saints, we had a special celebration in honor of the birthday of Mother Ganga. 

Revered saints and rishikumars chant special Ganga Mantras and perform Ganga Aarti on the holy occasion of Ganga Dusshera

June 3: -- Rishikesh: 

The beautiful occasion of Pujya Swamiji's 49th birthday began at 4:30 am when the Rishikumars took Him - to the chanting of Vedic Mantras - down to the banks of Mother Ganga for special puja. 

Then followed the morning prayers in which Pujya Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza (Bhaishri) gave a beautiful talk in which he praised Pujya Swamiji and His life. 

Pujya Bhaiji said there are 3 main ways to be a yogi - through Prem, through Seva and through Tyaga. He told the huge audience, sitting in Parmarth's Satsang Bhavan, that anyone who had ever met or seen Pujya Swamiji knew His divine Prem. Anyone who knew about His ceaseless service to humanity could see His incredible seva.  However, Pujya Bhaiji said, "You may not have all had the opportunity to see His tyaga. However, I have seen this great Tyaga for so many years. We have been together in so many countries for so many years, and I am very proud of this great Tyaga." Pujya Bhaiji then continued to extol, at great length, Pujya Swamiji's tapasya, sadhana and tyaga. He said, "For us, the Divine Personalities like Pujya Swamiji are avatars. They are manifestations of the Divine on Earth."

The day continued with a special program given by the Rishikumars in which they unveiled a special banner they had made on behalf of the beginning of Pujya Swamiji's 50th year. There was also a special tree plantation ceremony and special yagna. 

Pujya Bhaiji and Pujya Swami Chinmayanandji unveil the banner in honor of Pujya Swami Chidanandji (Muniji)'s 50th year 


Pujya Swamij, Pujya Swami Chinmayanandji and Pujya Bhaiji plant special, sacred, holy trees in honor of Pujya Swamiji's birthday Final purnahuti of the special yagna on behalf of Pujya Swamiji's birthday is performed by (left to right): Shri Shyam Sunder Shahji, Pujya Swami Chinmayanandji, Acharya Shri Kishore Vyasji, Pujya Swamiji, Pujya Bhaiji, andPujya Swami Bhagwatanandji

In the evening, we had special tree plantation programs of sacred trees, followed by a special Ganga Aarti. All of the saints present spoke about Pujya Swamiji's divine life�Following are quotations taken from their effusively loving and laudatory speeches:

H.H. Pujya Swami Chinmayanandji Maharaj: "...Just as Mother Ganga flows continuously, taking away our sin and ignorance yet remaining ever pure Herself, so does Pujya Muniji's life flow like Mother Ganga, pure and pious. Just as a flower blooms, leaving behind a beautiful fragrance even after the blossom has closed, so does Pujya Muniji travel the world, leaving divine fragrance wherever He goes. Pujya Muniji is the life prana of Parmarth Niketan..."

H.H. Acharya Sant Kishore Vyasji: "...Pujya Swamiji's life is lived for others. He not only plans and executes these incredible humanitarian projects, but He also uses these projects to bring the spirit of seva, and meaning in life, to so many people. Our Vedas say that 120 years of life are the "complete" life. So, I pray to Mother Ganga to grant Pujya Swamiji 120 years of Purna Ayu...."

H.H. Pujya Swami Bhagwatanandji Maharaj: "...Pujya Swami Chidanandji Muniji is spreading the light of hope, the light of knowledge, the light of love, unity, harmony and peace not only in India but all over the world. My heart is filled with such joy and love that I wish to take this Swami Chidanandji into my heart and embrace him. However, my heart is not large enough for Him, nor are my arms strong enough to embrace him. I am utterly speechless and there are no words to describe His greatness and divinity.  Today, we are celebrating the day that Mother gave birth to Narayana. It is said that whenever the world is in turmoil, whenever the Sanskruti (culture and dharma) is falling, God sends saints such as Shankaracharya, Tulsi, Vallabhacharya, and today He has sent Swami Chidanandji Muniji. He is Narayan and He has come on this earth to save our Sanskruti . His life flows like Mother Ganga, always flowing for others, never stopping for even a moment for Himself. Usually, I am not in favor of long lives, but on behalf of all the saints and all the devotees, I wish my dear, dear "Narayan" - "Chidanand Muniji" a very long life that is always filled with bliss, happiness and divine ecstasy...."

Pujya Swamiji then stood - laden with the shawls and rose garlands which had been bestowed upon Him. He spoke calmly, quietly and humbly, saying that everything was due only to God's grace and to the blessings of the saints. 

He then, this great saint revered by thousands across the globe as an incarnation of God Himself, turned and did dandavat pranam to all of the saints and sadhus present. 


June 1 - 7: - Rishikesh

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha delivered by Pujya Shri Shrinathji Shastri of Vrindavan. At the young age of 82, Pujya Shri Shrinathji Shastri is one of the leading Bhagwat scholars in India. His talks are filled with wisdom, insight and a great depth of devotion and understanding.

June 8-10 - New Zealand

Pujya Swamiji flew to Auckland for the inauguration and prana pratishtha ceremony of the new Radha Krishna Mandir. On the 8th evening He also gave a special guest pravachan at the Bharatiya Mandir. 

Pujya Swamiji performs the sacred "eye opening" ceremony for the deities 

The 9th was the final, murti Sathapana��. And the eye opening ceremony. Pujya Swamiji not only "opened the eyes of God" but He also delivered a beautiful lecture in which He said, "It is not we who are opening God's eyes. He opens our eyes. Through coming to this temple, through having the darshan of God here, our eyes become open and pure. Our drishti becomes divine." 

He spoke about the true meaning of Pratishtha. "It is not merely the installation of the deities in the temple, pratishtha is installing God in your heart. Pratishtha means that you hand the reins of your life over to Him. Pratishtha means you make Him the driver of your car. For so long we have been driving our lives, and we've been driving them in the wrong direction. In pratishtha we install Him in the driver's seat of our life."


On June 9th, He gave a beautiful
Youth program, and then, after the final ceremony, He went to Pukekohe for just a one hour program. So touched by the pious atmosphere of the hall and the community, He was brought to tears during kirtan. 

All of the local government officials were invited to the glorious occasion and were so touched by Pujya Swamiji's presence and words that they came and sought His darshan and blessings back at the home of Shri Mohanbhai Daya, where He was staying. The High Commissioner, Shri J. Kipgen, and other dignitaries, Shri Pradeep Singh and Shri Prithi Pal Singh came to receive His precious counsel before His departure.

Pujya Swamiji sitting with the dignitaries of the High Commissioner's Office in New Zealand Pujya Swamiji gives prasad to Shri J. Kipgen, the High Commissioner to New Zealand

June 7; 3:30 am: - Rishikesh
At this sacred hour, on this special day, 350 asthma patients gathered on the banks of Mother Ganga, and at the special Venkateshwar Temple where our respected Vaidyaji (Ayurvedic expert)  dispensed a unique, miraculous medicine which has the power - when given at this predetermined auspicious time - to relieve symptoms of asthma and bronchitis even in chronic sufferers.

June 14-20: - Rishikesh:

Dr. Ravi Goel from UK came and led a free eye care camp, which included screening, diagnosis, treatment and free distribution of glasses. Nearly 125 patients were treated each day, totaling over 600 patients!

June 30 - July 1: - London. 
En route to USA, Pujya Swamiji spent two days in London, during which He gave Satsang, pravachan and graced a special wedding with His presence. 


Upcoming Events

July 8::  Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza will be the Chief Guests at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Chinmaya Mission in New Jersey. 

July 16-22: Special Yoga Intensive Week. Open to beginners and advanced students. At Parmarth Niketan. Write to to reserve your place.

July 26 - Aug. 5:  London. Pujya Swamiji will be in London as a Special Guest at the Hindu Youth Festival held in Roundwood Park. Pujya Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza will be delivering katha, and Pujya Swamiji will be giving pravachans both to the adults in the katha, as well as leading some of the evening youth programs. 

Aug. 17-27:: Dharma Yatra through the Caribbean and USA. 

September 15-October 15: Purushottam Mas - A month full of special, divine activities. Pandit Shri Madan Mohan Shastriji will be delivering a month-long Bhagwat Katha! At Parmarth Niketan. Write to to reserve your place.

Pujya Swamiji will be abroad until the beginning of September.
His abroad itinerary will be posted on this site, and will be updated if any changes are made.

Pujya Swamiji's Itinerary
July - August 2001

2-5 Vraj, Harrisburg   1-5 London  
8-10 New Jersey, 
New York
  6 New Jersey  
12-14 Pittsburgh   7 Lewisburg   
15-16 Louisville   8 Harrisburg  
17 Raleigh, NC   9-11 Pittsburgh  
18 Columbia   12-13 Toronto  
19 Charlotte, NC   14-15 Detroit  
21- Aug. 5 London   16-17 Trinidad  
      18 Guyana  
      19 Suriname, Barbados  
      20 Miami, FL  
      21 Atlanta, GA    
      22 Washington, DC    


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