H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)
July August 2005 


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July 1-3-- Tsunami Affected Areas


Pujya Swamiji traveled back down to the tsunami affected areas where we have been working since December 30, 2004 (see www.projecthope-tsunami.com  for details). We are in the midst of construction of an orphanage which will house nearly 450 orphans (over 350 of whom are girls). It will also include a school, vocational training, a computer center and much more.


Further, we have adopted a center for 200 widowed, poor and abandoned ladies. We are building them dining facilities, kitchen facilities, vocational training facilities and more as well as renovating the existing structure.


We are constructing the orphanage on the same ground as the ladies center so that the children will have 200 ladies to be their mothers, aunts and older sisters, and the ladies will have 450 children to fill their lives with love, meaning and responsibility. It will truly be a village of Hope!


The orphan children are currently living in temporary facilities erected by the government.





The orphan children who will be housed in our orphanage




Rishikumars distribute ladoos to the orphan girls


Pujya Swamiji feeds them with His own hands!



We also had a distribution of sweets, clothing, supplies and other necessities to the ladies in the Ladies service center.






Clockwise from top: The ladies receive their supplies, they gather together on the front steps, they sit in their hall with 2 rishikumars in the midst!







Construction is progressing very well on the orphanage buildings. We expect by November or December it should be completed.



Dining hall under construction  (ladies center is in right hand background - in white)





The Rishikumars from Parmarth Gurukul offer a garland of flowers to the Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry as a sign of respect and appreciation.




Project Hope has agreed to reconstruct the village of Pannithittu, about 15 km south of Pondicherry town, in the Pondicherry Union Territory.  The village was completely devastated in the tsunami and the villagers are impoverished. Thus, the government requested us to take on this village as well and Project Hope agreed. There will be 100 homes, plus a school, community center, vocational training center and more.









The land on which we will reconstruct the village of Pannithittu


A few walls of some buildings still stand (see photo below left), but the majority of the village was just washed away.












The land on which we will reconstruct the village of Pannithittu

While in Pondicherry, the divine rishikumars also got the opportunity to swim in the ocean and enjoy the salty waves.


For many of the rishikumars it was the first time they had seen the ocean



July 12-- Rishikesh
Janeo Sanskar of Rishikumars

Parmarth Gurukul accepted 91 new Rishikumars into the Gurukul. The children, all of whom come from poor, disadvantaged situations (some of whom are orphans, some who have one parent, some who have both but the parents cannot properly care for the children) received their janeo sanskar here on the 12 July. The sacred thread ceremony is an important ritual in the life of a Hindu boy (see www.parmarth.com/sanskaras.htm for details of the meaning of this ceremony), and one which prepares him to study the scriptures.

The ceremony was performed and all the rishikumars received the sacred mantra from Pujya Swamiji and a mala for japa, as well as a special asana for sitting for their meditation and sandhya.









Rishikumars after sacred thread ceremony sit on the banks of Gang with Pujya Swamiji




Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Mahamandaleshwar Swami
Asanganandji distribute malas and
asanas to the new rishikumars




In the evening, after the Ganga Aarti, the rishikumars all (new and old) received new clothes, new school books and big sweet ladoos, by the hands of the Shahra family from Indore and Mumbai.


Shahra family distributes clothes, books and sweets to the children.


July -- Rishikesh
Veerpur distribution

In addition to the 150 rishikumars living on the premises of Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, we also have more than 60 rishikumars (classes 9, 10, 11) living on our land in Veerpur, at the Parmarth Veerpur Gurukul.

We went there as well for a distribution of clothing, books and sweets.


Pujya Swamiji and the Shahra family distribute books and prasad to the rishikumars at Veerpur




We also had a special tree plantation ceremony.


July 13 -- Rishikesh
Pujya Morari Bapu visits Veerpur

On July 13, the world famous Kathakar (one who recites the stories/epics of Hinduism), Pujya Sant Shri Morari Bapu came to Rishikesh and he came to visit the Gurukul in Veerpur.


He was so happy to see the beautiful land, on the banks of Mother Ganga and also to see the rishikumars living there, in a very traditional style -- studying the vedas and also caring for the cows, tending to the gardens, performing their yoga and meditation, etc.


By his hand we distributed new school books to the children.



July 14-15 -- Tsunami Affected Areas

Just prior to His departure for USA, Canada and Europe, Pujya Swamiji traveled down to South India again, to the site of our tsunami relief work, to finalize the approval for reconstruction of village Pannithittu in the Pondicherry Union Territory. The village will include 100 houses, as well as a school, community center, vocational training center and other amenities.

The work began immediately and is already well underway. By early Sept (at the time of this writing) the construction work looks as below:





July 16-17 -- Sacramento, USA

Pujya Swamiji's first stop in USA was Sacramento, California where Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza was giving Katha for the Gujarati Samaj of Sacramento. Pujya Swamiji addressed the katha on the final days of the 16th and 17th.

July 21-24 -- Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Pujya Swamiji spent Guru Purnima in Louisville, Kentucky where a beautiful program was arranged at the home of Dr. Rajan and Smt. Jayshree Amin. The program began with a sacred puja at the temple in their home, was followed by the pravachan (discourse) program, and then concluded with a divine Yagna and Aarti on the lake on their property.

They had made all the arrangements for an Aarti like the Ganga Aarti at Parmarth, and we sang the Ganga Aarti song. It took just the divine sound of Pujya Swamiji's voice to transport everyone from the hills of Kentucky to the banks of Mother Ganga.


On the lake for divine Aarti ceremony...




Pujya Swamiji greatly appreciated their commitment and dedication and He said that He hopes more and more people will bring the divine flow of Mother Ganga into their homes and into their lives.



The following evening was another divine, spiritual program at the home of Smitaben and Mahendrabhai Patel. They organized a beautiful yagna program in the backyard of their home with each family having their own yagna kund.

The divine set up for the yagna with the setting sun in the background

Pujya Swamiji's asana for the discourse was set up just in front of the beautifully setting sun. He spoke on the importance of  yagna and its meaning in our lives.

These two programs were so beautiful because they combined both the divine words and inspiration of Pujya Swamiji with the yagna and aarti ritual as well. Thus, people  were not only moved and touched by Pujya Swamiji's presence and words, but they also had the opportunity to take part in a transformative, sacred ritual.

Pujya Swamiji also traveled to Lexington, Martin and Owensboro, Kentucky to give the divine touch to smaller communities who rarely have the benefit of a Saint's presence.

July 25 -- Dallas, Texas, USA

Pujya Swamiji traveled to Dallas, Texas where He and Pujya Bhaishri gave discourse to the huge Gujarati community. He stayed with the family of Manjuben and Rameshbhai Patel of N'dola, Zambia, who had come in for the occasion.


Pujya Swamiji really appreciated the beautiful sanskaras being taught to the young children, as the youngest members of the household performed His aarti.



July 26-29 -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pujya Swamiji returned to Pittsburgh, the home of His initial sojourn in USA in the early 1980s, and the land where He inspired and built the first Hindu Jain temple in America. He spent the time there meeting with devotees and gave a beautiful pravachan at the temple on the 29th evening.

July 30-31 -- Chicago, USA

Pujya Swamiji was invited to Chicago for the Manav Seva Mandir's Patotsav celebration. Pujya Swamiji arrived on Saturday the 30th and performed the final purnahuti of the sacred yagna on Saturday evening, followed by His pravachan and then a beautiful showing of the Parmarth Ganga Aarti! The audience of thousands were immediately transported to the holy banks of Mother Ganga, as tears rolled down people's eyes to behold Her divine flowing waters.

On Saturday night, the youth had put together a special cultural show of songs and dances, which Pujya Swamiji stayed to watch - at their ardent request!

Sunday morning, He and Sadhvi Bhagwati led the youth program for the young and the young-at-heart! It was a great time in which the youth could all open up and ask whatever questions were in their minds and hearts.

The day of Sunday was filled with activity and Pujya Bhaishri graced the occasion as well with his presence. Sunday evening, Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Bhaishri both gave divine and uplifting discourses.




Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Bhaishri inspired and touched the audience with their divine words of inspiration and with their darshan.



August 1-2 -- Winnipeg, Canada

Pujya Swamiji spent 2 days in Winnipeg, Canada. He addressed the congregation of the Hindu Temple and also spoke at several private gatherings of devotees - of both Indian and also Western communities.

Further, Pujya Swamiji performed the official prana pratishta ceremony of the Swami Narayan deity at the temple. The temple prana pratishtha ceremony had been held in June, and they had been hoping Pujya Swamiji could be there. However, unfortunately, Pujya Swamiji was unable to attend. Yet, the Swami Narayan deity's official installation had not been performed so Pujya Swami Madhavpriya Dasji requested that Pujya Swamiji perform this on His trip to Winnipeg, and Pujya Swamiji agreed.




When Pujya Swamiji was called to perform the purnahuti of the sacred yagna, He called all of the children together and had them all, jointly, offer the coconut to the fire. He always tries to involve the youth as much as possible in all activities.


Pujya Swamiji performs the purnahuti ceremony





August 3-4 -- Toronto, Canada

Pujya Swamiji traveled to Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo after Winnipeg.

He had a satsang at the home of Kiranbhai and Romaben Patel in Waterloo on the evening of the 3rd, a satsang at the home of Savitri Gossai in Toronto on the morning of the 4th.




Pujya Swamiji also held a special youth session (for the young and the young at heart) on the evening of the 4th in Toronto. The youth program was organised by Elesh and Vrinda Parujanwala.



Further, on the morning of the 5th prior to His departure, He graced the last day of the youth camp at the Vishnu Mandir. He only had a little time before He had to go to the airport, but even in a short meeting, He gave wonderful messages to the very young children. They asked so many excellent questions and He gave them answers that were just perfect for their age.



Pujya Swamiji is garlanded by the youth leader, the children sit and listen to Him,
Pujya Swamiji speaks







August 6-12 -- New Jersey, USA

Following the gathering of scholars in India in June for the final review of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism, we had a gathering of Western scholars in USA. Eighteen scholars came from USA, Canada and Australia to review articles and offer changes. Further, a timeline was established for the completion of the work, and an executive editorial team was appointed.  Other crucial decisions were made about the next stages of the work.

The conference was generously sponsored by Shri Chandubhai Patel and Shri Jyotindrabhai Patel of New Jersey.


The scholars worked continuously from morning to evening every day for a week. 





Further, we had a full team of 8 volunteers working to do the data entry of all editorial changes and to keep track of the entries. Sujal Patel of New Jersey has -- with great devotion and seva bhaav -- taken over the computer database of EH and has brought it up to a very systematic, professional, user-friendly format. All information is now at our fingertips which will make the final stage of this monumental work one that is easier, smoother and more flawless than in the past.




The conference was blessed by the presence of Pujya Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, the head of Hinduism today and successor to Pujya Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. He expressed his appreciation for the project and offered his help and assistance wherever necessary in its completion


Pujya Swamiji presents a shawl to Pujya Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswamiji

Further, during the conference, Dr. Rao was awarded a special award by Dr. MK Sridhar, on behalf of the Indological Society for his lifelong contribution to Hinduism.




August 13 -- New Jersey


Organized by Pujya Swami Dayanandji and Arsha Vidya Gurukulum a Dharma Summit was held at Rutger's University from the 13-15 August. Pujya Swamiji spoke in the opening session on the 13th. In addition to Pujya Swami Dayanandji, other respected spiritual leaders who attended included Pujya Satguru
Bodhinatha Veylanswami, Pujya Dr. Pranav Pandya and Pujya Shri Chitrabhanuji.




Clockwise from top: Pujya Swamiji sits with Pujya Swami Dayanandji and the delegates; Pujya Swamiji delivers his lecture; Pujya Swamiji sits with Pujya Swami Dayanandji and Pujya Dr. Pranav Pandyaji






August 14 -- Lisbon, Portugal


Pujya Swamiji's first stop in Europe was Lisbon, Portugal.  While there He agreed to give a special question-answer session to the youth who all fondly remember last year's youth camp! As soon as they found out that Pujya Swamiji was in Lisbon they ardently requested Him to have a question-answer session/satsang. Of course, He agreed. So, out at the beach home of Kantibhai and Vibhutiben Jamnadas, He had a special time with the youth of Lisbon. He also gave His blessings to Jitesh and Dimple who got married the following week. They had served together in seva during Pujya Swamiji's youth camp in 2004, and realized that they soul mates. They sought His blessings to get engaged shortly after the camp.



Pujya Swamiji addresses the youth;   He blesses Dimple and Jitesh


August 16-18 -- Tenerife, Spain


Pujya Swamiji visited the island of Tenerife and gave a beautiful discourse to the community, as well as had several satsang sessions, including a very divine one at the home of Shri Suresh Kewalramani. He answered numerous questions on karma, life after death, reincarnation and the relationship between destiny and free-will.


August 21 -- Leicester, UK


The Hindu Youth UK, chaired by Preeti Raichura, organized a beautiful program at the Kapital Building in Leicester (click here for more details). It was an excellent, inspiring and educational evening which had the theme of "How to bring Hinduism into your daily life."


Pujya Swamiji spoke on various crucial aspects of Hinduism, including the importance of unity within communities. He also stressed  how important it is for the temples and adults to support and assist the youth in their programs -- both financially and organizationally.  "It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm and their dedication, but they need your help also. They are full time students and they rely on the temples, on the temple committees and the adults to help them bring their programs to fruition."




 When he talked about bringing Hinduism into our Daily Life, He gave a beautiful, detailed talk on the  yamas and niyamas - how these are the 10 commandments of Hinduism. He gave details of each and how to implement these in our lives.

Following this there was a very enthusiastic question-answer session by the children. 










August 22 -- Manchester, UK


Pujya Swamiji traveled to Manchester the following day and gave a soul-stirring talk at Gita Bhavan mandir organized by Tarlaben and Rajnibhai Somaiya.


August 23-24 -- Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Each August, Edinburgh, Scotland hosts hundreds of thousands of people who come for the world famous Festival Season of Edinburgh. There are dozens of different, simultaneous festivals (including art, music, theatre, books, etc.).  This has been going on for over 50 years! For the last few  years, a Festival of Spirituality has been added to the Edinburgh Festivals. Organized by Neill Walker, this Festival of Spirituality aims to bring spiritual awareness to the flocks of tourists, seekers and visitors. Pujya Swamiji was invited as a main speaker for the Festival of Spirituality. (see http://www.stjohns-edinburgh.org.uk/Festival.shtml)


On the evening of the 23 August, Pujya Swamiji gave a beautiful talk on Spirituality at the St. John's church, an ornate, ancient and traditional church with expansive stained-glass windows and a towering steeple. It  was a beautiful symbol of inter-faith love and harmony for a Hindu saint to be speaking from the pulpit of a church to an audience sitting in the pews.





St. John's Church where Pujya Swamiji's lecture took place



The program began with a showing of the divine Ganga Aarti, broadcast onto a large screen in the church. It is probably the first time in history that Aarti has been performed in a church!!


Following the lecture, He opened the floor for questions-answers and the questions showed a deep sense of searching, quest and introspection on the part of the western audience.


On the morning of August 24, Pujya Swamiji addressed 250 students (in two batches) at the Holy Rood High School in Edinburgh. Addressing the groups of Scottish students (most of whom had never seen a Hindu Saint) He immediately won them over with His love, His humor and His straightforward answers to their questions. They asked beautiful questions, ranging from His views on the war in Iraq to what they could do to make the world a better place. Pujya Swamiji was very impressed by the thoughtfulness of such young students.










Students listen attentively








Pujya Swamiji immediately won the hearts of the headmaster and principal of the school, to whom He gave copies of Drops of Nectar upon departure



August 26 -- London, UK











Pujya Swamiji gave a brief and beautiful darshan program at the home of Geetaben and Anilbhai Solanki in London. It was brief because He was called to the Hare Krishna Mandir in Watford for their enormous and divine Janmashtami program later in the evening. However, even in a short time, He filled the atmosphere at the Solanki's home with divine vibrations and gave everyone drops of divine nectar -- in the form of inspiration, insight and answers, as well as His beautiful darshan.









From the Solanki's home, He went to the Hare Krishna mandir where He sat in the main temple room (in front of the deities) and led everyone in divine kirtan, singing "Me to kab se teri sharan mein hun" and "Govinda bolo bolo." 




 It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to sit in the temple, under the divine darshan of Bhagwan Krishna, on the holy day of Janmasthami, listening to Pujya Swamiji lead kirtan.

August 27 -- Leicester, UK


Pujya Swamiji's last day in UK was spent in Leicester at the Hanumat Yagna organized by Pujya Swami Satyamitranand Giriji. It was a beautiful program, filled with hundreds of individual yagna kunds. Pujya Swamiji gave a beautiful talk on how to make our lives yagna.


Pujya Swamiji returned to India on the 28th August.


"The Time for a Spiritual Life is NOW"


On April 17, 2004 at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, USA a film on the life and teachings of Pujya Swamiji premiered to a sold out audience. The film, titled, "A Day in the Light" is produced and directed by Christopher Miglino. 

The film has already been shown to delighted and inspired audiences at the Sedona Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles and several other film festivals in USA and Europe. 

See www.adayinthelight.com  to order your own copy of the beautiful film. Or, you can go directly to www.amazon.com and order it from there

For more information, email Christopher directly at chris@yogamates.com

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Bathing in Ganga at Parmarth

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