H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)
September 2002

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CIDA Visit to Rishikesh
Gurukul Children move into New Building
Badrinath Katha and Pujya Swamiji's Pravachan Ash Immersion Vidhi for Shri Narendra Mohanji
Special Tree Plantation in Veerpur
Free Medical - Cataract Camp
Ek Shaam Kailash-Mansarovar ke Naam
Pujya Swamiji's upcoming itinerary

September 4-5 -- Rishikesh

Shri Sampath Kumarji, the Advisor for the Canadian  International  Development Agency (CIDA) came to visit Parmarth Niketan in order to see several of the schools and vocational training centers run, under Pujya Swamiji's guidance and inspiration, by India Heritage Research Foundation. He visited 3 children's schools and 3 vocational training programs and was very pleased and impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the students. Even on a day pouring with monsoon rains, the school rooms were full.


Shri Sampathkumarji performs Ganga Yagna with Pujya Swamiji Children from one of IHRF's schools give a cultural program on the banks of Ganga
September 8: Rishikesh
 The children of the Parmarth Gurukul shifted into a special area of their own in the ashram. New rooms were constructed for them and a large hall where they can gather together for chanting, prayers, studies, etc. The new area was officially "inaugurated" on September 8.



Pujya Swamiji presents divine, spiritual gifts to the acharyas and the rishikumars


Shri GD Maheshwariji distributes new clothing to the children and Pujya Swamiji blesses them


September 11-21: Badrinath
During the sacred time of the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha delivered by Pujya Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza, Pujya Swamiji travelled with many of the young rishikumars, devotees, sevaks and sadhaks of Parmarth Niketan to the holy land of Badrinath.


The mysterious Saraswati river merges with the Alakananda --while the Rishikumars offer their prayers


Staying in Parmarth's ashram in Badrinath, Parmarth Lok, the time was filled with divine darshan in the mandir, snow capped Himalayan peaks, and walks along the banks of the holy Alakananda.




Divine children of the Himalayas

Additionally, while there, Pujya Swamiji launched a daily evening Aarti program on the banks of the Alakanada. He has already instituted daily Aarti programs in Rishikesh, Allahabad and Varanasi.


The first Aarti on the banks of Alakananda


During His speech on the opening day of the Bhagwat Katha, on September 11, Pujya Swamiji said, "Here in this holy land where the 18 puranas and the Shrimad Bhagavatum were revealed by Vyasji and written by Lord Ganesha; here on this sacred confluence of the Saraswati and Alakananda rivers; here in this divine land of Sadhana, Sanskriti and sanskaras...here in this land we pray today for peace and strength for all those who lost family and friends exactly one year ago. Our bodies are here in Badrinath, but our hearts and prayers are in New York City and Washington DC."


He continued, by saying: "The message today is, Life is so short. Why not make it sweet? We never know when the last minute will come. Let us embrace each day and each moment as though it may be our last. In the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, there are two people to whom the message of impending death is given. One is Kansa and one is King Parikshit. Both are given divine messages of inevitable death. However, they handle this message in distinctly different ways. King Kansa fights the will of Karma and uses his wealth and his weapons to try to avert the inevitable. He even goes so far as killing all the children of his own sister in order to avoid his own downfall. In the end, however, one can never go against the law of Karma, and he succumbs to a vicious, violent death, dealt to him by the hand of God Himself.  King Parikshit, on the other hand, realizes there is no way to fight the call of the Lord of Death and he dedicates every final moment on Earth to listening to the divine story of God, told on the holy banks of Mother Ganga. In the end, when the hand of Death comes, King Parikshit is ready, for he has surrendered to the Divine Will. He ultimately attains liberation.

Just as King Kansa and King Parikshit have been given specific warnings about upcoming death, so have we all. We know it will come; we just don't know whether it will come in a day, a week, a year or fifty years. However, that it will come is inevitable. Therefore, let us live our lives full of love, full of sharing, full of caring and full of giving."


September 23: Rishikesh
On September 20, a great, divine soul Shri Narendra Mohan left this Earthly realm for the Heavenly Abode of the Almighty. Shri Narendra Mohanji was a close member of the Parmarth Family and greatly loved and respected by all. He was the editor-in-chief of Dainik Jagran, the most widely read newspaper in India, and also a dedicated member of Rajya Sabha in Parliament. His prolific and articulate writings brought both the culture of India and also the problems being faced by the Hindu community to light. His
dedication to the community, to the country, to the culture and to all of humanity was peerless. His Dainik Jagran Newspaper is a daily ´┐Żawakening´┐Ż of piety, culture, tradition and spirit of India for millions of people every day.

On the 23rd, his family came to Parmarth Niketan to perform the sacred, final rites ceremony, standing on the same ghat where he pledged to build a new ghat - in the middle of Ganga - from which devotees could perform aarti and have the darshan of Mother Ganga on all 4 sides.



Shri Narendra Mohanji's family performs the sacred puja in the holy presence of Pujya Swamiji


September 23 - 27: Rishikesh: Free Eye Camp


A special Cataract operation camp was held at Parmarth Niketan, for 5 days, in which 700 patients received free eye check up, screening and treatment for a variety of eye diseases and ailments. Additionally, 31 patients received free operations for the removal of cataracts.

  Deepak is lit by Pujya Swamiji, Pujya Bhaishri, Dr. Jay Chandra and Shri Anilbhai Desai from South Africa, the generous sponsor of the hospital in Mansarovar.    

Dr. Jay Chandra from Australia and Dr. Mustafa Paresh from Bombay came to offer their expertise and assistance to the local, indigent people of the Himalayas. Free medicines and drops were provided to all the patients. Additionally, Dr. Arif Contractor from Bombay came and provided free dental care for the 26-27 September.

The camp was lovingly organized and coordinated by Smt. Bhuvaneshwari Makhariaji of Bombay.

The camp was sponsored by Shri Rupen and Smt. Lopa Desai of Pretoria, South Africa, a couple young in years but ageless in their understanding, commitment and devotion! They are frequent and generous sponsors of medical camps at Parmarth Niketan. Rupen's family, Shri Anilbhai and Shri Arunbhai Desai of Louis Trichardt, South Africa, have sponsored the hospital built by IHRF in the holy land of Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash.

September 24: Veerpur
On our new land in Veerpur (about 10 km from Parmarth Niketan), we had a special tree plantation ceremony of Kalpa Vreksh (the wish fulfilling tree) with Pujya Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza.

This new land will be the home to: an orphanage for girls, a special Ayurvedic garden, a gaushala (cow home), an organic garden and the IHRF office. Additionally, we are planning an entire "Adopt a Village" program in which we will sponsor and run the two local schools and institute special hygiene/sanitation and farming programs.

Additionally, there will be rooms in which devotees can stay, in silence and sadhana, in this rustic, rural area overlooking the waters of Mother Ganga.


Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Bhaishri plant trees With the gardeners and contractor of the project, in front of the flowing waters of Mother Ganga

September 24: Delhi

          Ek Shaam Kailash - Mansarovar Ke Naam

In June, 1998 H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji (Pujya Muniji) traveled to the holy land of Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash with H.H. Swami Gurusharananandji Maharaj, H.H. Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza and 52 other saints.

While there, He saw the desperateness of the local situation. There are no medical facilities for hundreds of kilometers. People frequently suffer or even die from basic, treatable altitude sickness, due to lack of medical attention.

There is no indoor place to stay - all must camp in tents.

Therefore, Pujya Swamiji vowed that -by the grace of God -- He would do something for the local people (who don't even have running water) and for all the pilgrims who travel there.

Two and a half years were spent in discussions with the Chinese government, and - with the cooperation and support of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region - we finally obtained permission for the project.


In December, 2000 permission was officially granted by the Chinese Government to build an ashram and a hospital in the sacred land.

 Further, this will be the spring board for other much-needed humanitarian projects in the area, including schools, vocational training programs, etc.

The contract states that for all future projects in the region, the government of Tibet/China will give first priority to Pujya Swamiji and India Heritage Research Foundation to sponsor the project.

This year, so many pilgrims traveled to the sacred land and stayed in the ashram there. Finally, now, for the first time ever there is an ashram and a clinic in this holy area.


HOWEVER, it came to Pujya Swamiji's attention that all of the pilgrims who travel on this yatra usually go through Delhi where they stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants, etc. He said that a sacred yatra must begin in an ashram, not in a hotel! Therefore, He said that if an ashram could be built in Mansarovar, where there was nothing and the land was barren, why not build one in Delhi where all the people who are leaving for the yatra can stay and begin the journey in an auspicious, sacred way.


Lighting the deepak with Smt. Kiran Walia, MLA


For this, by the grace of God, He has made the decision to build a special Kailash- Mansarovar Dham in New Delhi. This Dham will be a place where yatris for Kailash-Mansarovar yatra, Amarnath Yatra and Vaishnu Devi Yatra can come, stay and begin their divine journey with prayer, with prasad, with satsang and with kirtan.

We had a special function in honor of this project, on September 24, titled Ek Sham Kailash Mansarovar ke naam. Over 2500 people came to offer their support for this great project.

The function was organized, sponsored and coordinated by the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Samiti, including Shri ML Satija, Shri Girdhari Lal Gupta, Shri Madan Goel, Shri Punit Mahajan and many more dedicated team members.

In addition to H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji (Pujya Muniji), the function was also graced by the presence of H.H. Sri Shankaracharyaji Swami Divyanand Teerthji, H.H. Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza (Pujya Bhaishri), H.H. Acharya Shrikant Vyasji, H.H. Brahmachari Brahmaswarupji, H.H. Rasyani Babaji, H.H. Mahamantradasji of ISKON and many other revered saints and distinguished dignitaries.



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