JUNE 2000


Loving Birthday Messages for Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Pujya Muniji)

On this day, I would like to take the opportunity to share, instead of Pujya Swamiji's divine words themselves, a few of the hundreds of e-mails that came for Him at the time of His birthday. It is important for us to realize that although He may feel like "our Swamiji" or "our Pujya Muniji", He is also one of the greatest saints to ever live -- a saint who is touching and transforming innumerable lives across the globe.

Firstly I would like to WISH YOU a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY & pray to GOD for all your happiness, wishes and dreams to come true.

I count myself very very lucky to have your blessing in my life to give me the courage and strength to conquer any potholes in everyday life.

I thank GOD to have your blessings.

We hope that this love-filled email finds you in the very *best* of health and happiness. We are all thinking of you all the time and craving your divine 'sanidhya' and 'darshan'. Most especially, on this, your special day... we just wanted to convey both our humblest pranaam to your Lotus Feet and our loving, humble prayer for your long life, continued good health and happiness, so that you may continue to make the incredible difference that
your Divine Touch makes, everywhere you go.........

Pujya Muniji, the miracle of your presence is indeed amazing, and despite all that you do.... all the lives you change with just your divine 'drishti'... you have that utterly unique smile and shrug- saying it is all His grace . Well, we truly do feel that Your loving grace, as undeserving as we are, has truly changed not only our lives, but millions all over the world... and we are praying that God continue to give you the opportunity to light these 'diyas' worldwide through your innumerable projects, 'sevaks' and sheer presence.

Every year we wish that on this special occasion either we could be there in Rishikesh, or you could be among us here. Some day the LORD will grant our wish.

Today all I can think of is all the wonderful qualities in You. Pujya Muniji, You have the most extra ordinary personality possessing manifold characteristics. Some of the words that come to mind are:

Disciplined, Impressive Organizer, Meticulous in Work, Immaculate, Simple, Modest Styled, Dignified, Humanitarian, Humble, Kind, Tender, Painstakingly Caring, Forgiving, Trustworthy, Full of Humility, Adaptable, Lovable Personality, Charismatic, Versatile, Articulate, Eloquent, Master of Languages, Impromptu and Extemporanious, Charming, Innocent as a Child, Spontaneous, Mental Alertness, Photographic Memory, Attentive, Witty, Ever Radiant, Ever Vibrant, Vivacious, Magnetic Personality, Sweet as Nectar, Full of Aura, Possessed with the Divine Healing Touch, Inspiring, Visionary, Dynamic Leader, Physical Agility, Action Oriented, Karma Yogi, One with an Inexhaustible Source of Energy, Tireless, Fearless, Always Mast, Anand. Dedicated to serving all of humanity, Burning zeal for untiring service, Deep interest in people, Pursued by many people, Burning faith in the scriptures, Full of Devotion, Uplifting in all spheres of one's life, Life force of Many, Saint, Pure, Spiritual gem of the world or universe, Realized Soul, You are all in one.
You are One with the Supreme Being.

Never a day goes by without me thinking and remembering you and Rishikesh.

I hope this email reaches you in the best of health and happiness.
Wishing you all the love on this very special day being your birthday!!!!

Everyone here wishes you a very happy Birthday and sends all their love to you.
I send you a very special wish too with lots of love!!! I hope to be with you very soon.
My hands have reached out to touch your Holy feet, to receive your Darshan.

Jai Shri Krishna. Pranam

Since the day I came to know Pujya Swamiji's Birthday is on 3rd June, my heart has become prayerful for his long long healthy life as the Universe needs him for the spread of spirituality. Whenever I see him, I find a resemblance of Swami Vivekananda in him.

We are very happy and proud to know the progress of the DIVINE work which is happening under your caring and saintly guidance. Our love is always with you. We know that the world needs you and we have seen that your love is showering on the entire human race. You belong to everybody and have love for all without any distinction.

If, I am ever given the choice, I would just sit in front of You all-day and have Your divine Darshan every moment. Sitting here, I have done it with my "eyes closed" and I am right there in front of "You". I feel Your presence and Your love, as if I have been touched by God! Beyond God! Sounds very complex but Yes it is happening. How many places could You be at once???

I have just returned and was thrilled to read your email. Words can't express the joy and feeling of great relief. Your email has worked like a magic; I am no more confused. Pujya Muniji you are great as I have always believed and with your encouragment I shall continue writing my problems to you to seek your guidance.

Dear Divine Manifestation,
How shall I reply to your beautiful email ?

Your letter has a quality of the appearance of divinity within your mind, speech and action of writing. In Buddhism they call it deity yoga. That is why you achieve your lofty goals which actions will always benefit beings. I admired your enthusiasm and energy and that is why I have changed my address to you.

Pujya Swamiji,
Pranams and Happy Birthday from across the miles. I wish that I could be there today to shower my love and devotion on you and to wash Your holy feet with Ganga jal. You have been our guide in times of trouble, our light in times of darkness and our love in times of loneliness. We feel so blessed to have your holy presence in our lives. We bow down at your holy feet and we love you.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Pujya Muniji, I know that today we are supposed to be wishing you happy birthday, but I don't really believe that today is your birthday. My mum told me that you are God, that you were never born and you will never die. This I believe also. When I see you and when I am with you it feels like I am with God. So, how can God be born? Anyway, I wish you happy birthday, but I still think that you have lived forever.

We feel honoured that you have
accepted the donation in honour of your birthday, it really is a small amount.
Very small for the Divine Himself.
I almost felt like Sudama giving rice to the Lord....
anyway, pleasure is Ours that you have accepted it. Thank You.

If I had all the riches in the world, I would shower them upon you.
But, I have only thousands, and you won't accept any of it.

If I had a palace as my home, I would give it to you,
so you could live like the king that you are.
But, my only home is the shelter of your holy feet.

If I had all the savory, most delicious, food in the world,
I would put it on gold plates for you to eat.
But the only food I have is the prasad from your hand.

If I had all the roses, from all the gardens across the globe, I string them together into the most beautiful garland for you to wear, so you could bathe in their sweet perfume.
But the only flower I have is you.

If I had the strength of a million horses, I would harness it all to do your service.
But, the only strength I have is that which you have given me.

If I had all the stars and moons and planets at my command,
I would order them all to fall at your feet.
But, I have only the sun, and that is you.

If I had the world's finest silk I would use it to cover every inch of your body.
But, even the finest would not be worthy of the silk of your skin.

If I had all the love in the world, I would shower it upon you ceaselessly.
But, the only love I have is that which you have put in my heart

I have, therefore, nothing to offer you on this divine birthday of yours.
For, I would not give you anything less than the best: mediocrity is worse than nothing

I have only myself to give you, and even that is absurd,
for all I am is already a gift from you.
So, on this anniversary of the day you graced the world by accepting a human form,
I have nothing to lay at your holy feet.

It actually seems oddly appropriate, as you are already everything…

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