H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)
June - July 2004  


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Medical Mission to Kailash - Mansarovar
Kisna comes to Parmarth - with Vivek Oberoi, 
Antonia Bernath and Subhash Ghai

Guru Purnima
Pujya Swamiji is Chief Guest at Awards Funtion 
MahaSamadhi Anniversary of H.H. Pujya Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj
Rishikumars enjoy the summer days

Bhoomi Puja for Kutirs at Veerpur
Pujya Swamiji is Chief Guest at Mussoorie International School's Founder's Day

Divine Message by Pujya Swamiji 
How to Walk on the Path of Life

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June - July -- Mansarovar & Mt. Kailash - Medical Mission

In July 2003, Pujya Swamiji led a divine yatra of nearly 200 devotees from across the world to the holy land of Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash. The yatra inaugurated the Parmarth Mansarovar Ashram and Medical Clinic, the first ashram to be built in this holy divine land. To find out more about the divine yatra led by Pujya Swamiji and also the details of the ashram, medical clinic and other projects undertaken by Pujya Swamiji's India Heritage Research Foundation, please see www.kailashmansarovar.org or www.parmarth.com/updates/july2003/index.html 

The Parmarth Mansarovar Ashram

While a medical clinic was built as along with the ashram and inaugurated last year, there is only one local doctor and medicines are scarce. We had left a lot of medicine last year and plans are underway to equip the clinic with necessary machines. 


Pujya Swamiji gives medicines to the Ashram Clinic;  Yatris returning from Mansarovar in July 2003

This year, the first team of medical doctors traveled on Medical Mission from USA to the holy land of Mansarovar to offer their divine medical seva. A team of 44 yatris, 28 of whom were doctors, nurses and medical students, led by Dr. Kanti Bhalani of Tampa, Florida, treated over 1000 patients in Mansarovar, Kailash, and other small villages of Tibet and Nepal along the way. These doctors gave 8 full days of medical treatment in the holy areas!!



Doctors and dentists treat patients in Saga, Darchen (Kailash), Kodari and Mansarovar




Local patients were treated for the following ailments: peptic ulcer diseases, back pain, diabetes, hypertension, women's issues, pregnancy, pediatric issues, injuries and dental problems. Further, other yatris who had traveled to Mansarovar with different groups, but were there at the time of the Medical Mission, were treated for fractures, sprains and high altitude sickness. 

The doctors carried a total of US $100,000 worth of medicines and medical supplies to Mansarovar and left behind, with the local doctor of the Parmarth Mansarovar Ashram and Clinic, all the medicines which were not used as well as supplies. 

Tibetans lining up for medical care



(left): Doctors treat local people;  (right): Proper brushing methods are taught to Tibetan youth


Doctors treat injured Tibetan in camp



Patient being treated at Mansarovar clinic; Doctors with Tibetans in front of Medical Mission banner


Local people line up for treatment at the medical camp



A very warm and heart-filled "Thank You" to this divine and selfless team of doctors who traveled thousands of miles from home to offer their divine seva to people living in the holy land of Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash! 

May Lord Shiva shower His divine blessings upon you. 


Stay posted next month for updates on the new projects in Mansarovar - a Satsang Hall, and also the ashrams in Prayang and Saga, in Tibet, along the way to Mansarovar. 


June 17 - 20 -- Rishikesh
KISNA comes to Parmarth! Shri Subhash Ghai, the renowned director of innumerable Indian movies, and also a divine man very dear to Pujya Swamiji, came home to Parmarth during the shooting of his new movie Kishna, in the holy land of Uttrakand. The film stars Vivek Oberoi and Antonia Bernath. Both Vivek and Antonia came home to Parmarth and they were so touched by the divine environment and by Pujya Swamiji's satsang and darshan that they decided to stay an extra few days. 



Subhash Ghai, Vivek Oberoi and Antonia Bernath perform divine Ganga yagna and aarti at Parmarth










(right to left): Subhash Ghai, Vivek Oberoi and Antonia Bernath join in the divine kirtan led by Pujya Swamiji at the Ganga Aarti 

It was beautiful to see the depth and purity of both Vivek and Antonia's spiritual quest. Vivek may be a successful, famous actor, but his heart and soul have not been tainted by Bollywood! Rather, he is sincere, deep, humble, pious and devoted.  His questions, as he sat in satsang with Pujya Swamiji, showed a deep yearning for spiritual wisdom as well as his own purity, piety and commitment to a spiritual path.




On his final evening, he gave a beautiful talk on the banks of Mother Ganga, after the divine Aarti ceremony, about how touched and transformed he felt by the few days spent in Pujya Swamiji's holy company and in this sacred land. Antonia stayed on further, until the last minute when she was required back in Mumbai for shooting.  She truly made Parmarth her own home in just a few short days!


Pujya Swamiji blesses Vivek and Antonia on the banks of Mother Ganga



Pujya Swamiji blessed Vivek and Antonia with holy Ganga jal and wrapped them each in special, divine shawls so that their lives may be healthy, happy, peaceful, prosperous and successful, and most importantly so that they may always maintain a deep spiritual connection to God.





We are glad that Vivek and Antonia have found their home in the Himalayas!






Suresh Oberoi came with the rest of the family in the days following Vivek's visit. The family had a divine time of satsang, darshan and puja. 


July 2   -- GURU PURNIMA
The Divine occasion of Guru Purnima, the day dedicated to the Guru, was celebrated with prayer and puja here at Parmarth.  



The day began in the Samadhi Mandir with puja to all of the divine Gurus and Saints in the Parmarth tradition, including H.H. Pujya Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj, H.H. Pujya Swami Bhajanandji Maharaj, H.H. Pujya Swami Sadanandji Maharaj, and H.H. Pujya Swami Dharamanandji Maharaj. 


Following that, devotees and disciples came to pay their love and respect to Pujya Swamiji. 



To read Pujya Swamiji's message of Guru Purnima, please click here. 






We bow our heads at the holy feet of our beloved Gurudev. 


July 2 - 7 -- Rishikesh

His Holiness Pujya Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj, the founder of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, attained Mahasamadhi 5 days after Guru Purnima in 1965. Thus, since then the five days after Guru Purnima are filled with Ramayana Paath and puja, culminating in a ceremony dedicated to the divine life of Swami Shukdevanandji. 






Left to right:  M.M. Swami Munishanandji,  M.M. Swami Asanganandji, Swami Chidanandji, Swami Chinmayanandji, Swami Harinarayanandji.

On the final day of June 7, revered saints from Haridwar and Rishikesh came to pay their respects to the memory of H.H. Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj. 

July 5  -- Rishikesh

Pujya Swamiji was the Chief Guest at the "Career Turning Point"  function sponsored by the famous newspaper Amar Ujjala in honor of the students who had excelled in Rishikesh. The top students of each school were selected for this special award function in which Pujya Swamiji praised and congratulated them for their academic excellence, but He also encouraged them to be sure that they are excelling as human beings also, not only as students. He urged them to learn about life and God as much as they are learning about math, science and computers. 


(left): lighting the inaugural lamp with     (right) distributing awards


July -- Rishikesh
The new school year began at the Parmarth Gurukul. During the first 2 weeks, the rishikumars were treated to ice cream, pakoras and other special sweets by the hands of visiting devotees. It was a sweet start to the new year!



Smt. Poonam and Shri Ramesh Naryani of Tenerife Spain lovingly distribute ice cream and then pakoras (on 2 different days, of course) to the young rishikumars!!










A very "sweet" blessing from Pujya Swamiji!

July 19: Veerpur

We had the Bhoomi Puja for the new line of guest rooms, overlooking the banks of Mother Ganga. Here in Veerpur we are running a special rural development program which includes: A Gurukul, organic farming, medicinal and Ayurvedic herbal garden, gau shala, women's vocational training program, "buy-back" program with local farmers, water facilities to the villagers, etc. 


It will also become a divine sadhana and retreat center.  This first block of guest rooms sits right on the banks of Ganga. After this, beautiful and simple sadhana "kutirs" will be built right on the banks of Ganga.

The ground on the banks of Ganga at Veerpur is readied for construction. 

 Following this, the rest of the yoga, meditation and sadhana retreat center will be built. We continue to buy more and more pieces of adjoining land, making this center larger and larger. Within a few years, a beautiful center of yoga, meditation, sadhana and seva will exist in the village of Veerpur.

The Rishikumars in the Gurukul there have also started daily evening Ganga Aarti, a special spiritual program in which we will involve the entire village. 


Pujya Swamiji performs the bhoomi puja for the new rooms. 









Devotees from USA and Switzerland distribute sweets to the Rishikumars in Veerpur







Veerpur land....current Gurukul on the left with Ganga flowing on the right. This land will become a spiritual, sadhana center

July 31: Mussoorie


Pujya Swamiji was the Chief Guest at Founder's Day celebration at Mussoorie International School. 

MIS is being run beautifully under the leadership and vision of President Shri Hasmukh Rawalji. 

The students are getting not only a top rate academic education but also excellent extra-curricular activities, and most importantly essential sanskaras, culture, values and ethics.


The day was celebrated by the opening of wonderful arts, crafts and science exhibition in which the students shared their creative activities as well as scientific understanding with Pujya Swamiji. Then, a divine show on the life of Draupadi was performed by the students. Our own Sadhvi Abha Saraswatiji spent 2 weeks up at MIS writing the script and directing the hour long production. 

On the next morning the entire school gathered for a special yagna, followed by Pujya Swamiji's inspiring message. He shared how due to Draupadi's one mistake in her laughter at Duryodhana, the entire Mahabharat war had been fought. She may not have meant the laugh as malicious or provocative. She may have meant it in a spirit of innocent fun but Duryondana took it as the ultimate insult and vowed to avenge his honor by punishing Draupadi and her husbands, the Pandavas. 

"It means," Pujya Swamiji explained. "Be careful. Watch your words. Watch your actions. You may think something is innocent or careless. But everything has its consequences." 

Pujya Swamiji then spent a few moments explaining the universal importance and significance of yagna.


Purnahuti of the Gayatri Yagna at MIS; Pujya Swamiji gives words of inspiration to the 600 students of MIS  and thousands of parents/relatives who came to participate in Founder's Day.



On April 17 at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, USA a film on the life and teachings of Pujya Swamiji premiered to a sold out audience. The film, titled, "A Day in the Light" is produced and directed by Christopher Miglino. 

The film has already been shown to delighted and inspired audiences at the Sedona Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles and several other film festivals in USA and Europe. 

See www.adayinthelight.com  to order your own copy of the beautiful film.

If your browser doesn't open the page (some browsers have trouble with it) you can email Christopher directly at chris@yogamates.com to order a copy.











Bathing in Ganga at Parmarth

How to Walk on the Path of Life



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