The message of the Kumbha Mela, the message of the 21st century, and the message of the 3rd Millennium is one of unity and brotherhood. Only by joining hands lovingly with one another - across borders of color, race, religion and language - can we make the future a bright and positive one.

In the Kumbha Mela there are no borders, no boundaries. Everyone is gathered for one common cause: divine enlightenment, purity and liberation. There is no discrimination, no violence, no hatred. People of every color come from every corner of the globe, speaking every language, and - as they enter the holy land of Prayag Raj - they become one. Here, people eat together, sleep together, bathe together, worship God together in a state of complete peace.

This spirit of Kumbha Mela must not only last from January 8-February 21, but rather it must become the spirit of every day of every year. The unity in Prayag Raj must transcend the limits of the city and infuse every city in every country with the feeling of brotherhood and love. This Sangam must not only be a Sangam of people who are gathered on the banks of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, but rather we must become a global Sangam, united in the name of peace, spirituality and divinity.


Procession of people -- from every corner of the Earth and every walk of life --
going together to have a bath in the holy Sangam


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