H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj (Muniji)
December 2004 - February 2005 



Shahra Family Reunion
Hinduja Cententary Celebration
Pujya Yogiji's ash immersion
Republic Day at Raj Bhavan
Medical Camp at Parmarth
Divine Wedding
Hindu Heritage Pratisthan
Aarti beings in Kanpur
Back to Tsunami - groundbreaking ceremony of
New Orphanage

Inauguration of Parmarth Gurukul Computer Centre

Pujya Swamiji's Divine Messages:
March 8 - Shivratri
March 25 - Holi



December 23-24-- Udaipur
Shahra family reunion
Pujya Swamiji was a special guest at the Shahra family reunion in Udaipur.  The family came together in a beautiful, serene "Heritage Resort" to return to their own heritage! Pujya Swamiji was full of praise for the way they gathered together for satsang, prayer, meditation and also to go for special darshan at the Ek Ling Mahadeva temple outside of Udaipur. "I wish every family would re-unite like this!" He said. 


Pujya Swamiji with Shri Santosh Shahra (left) and Shri Dinesh Shahra (right) in the beautiful serenity of the hills outside udaipur

December 27-28-- Haridwar and Rishikesh
Hinduja Family Centenary Celebration
The Hinduja brothers - Srichandji, Gopiji, Prakashji and Ashokji -- and their immediate and extended families and friends all gathered together in Rishikesh for a 3 day celebration in honor of the Centenary of Smt. Jamuna Hinduja, the divine Mother of the family.

On the 27th, there was a special puja in Haridwar on Har-ki-pauri, followed by a glorious musical concert by Anuradha Paudwal and Anup Jalota.

On the 28th, the family gathered together at Parmarth Niketan for special cow-puja, tree plantation ceremonies, and the official "Centenary Celebration" followed by a musical evening by Nitin Mukesh.


Pujya Swamiji greets Anuradha Paudwal;          Pujya Swamiji and Shri S.P. Hinduja

It was wonderful to see the entire family come together from India, UK, Europe and USA, along with friends, colleagues and associates from all over the world to celebrate the life of their beautiful Mother, Smt. Jamuna Hinduja.

Puja on the banks of Mother Ganga




Clockwise from top: Parmarth Niketan is specially lit for the celebrations, Pujya Swamiji plants trees with all of the youngest generation of Hindujas, Pujya Swamiji blesses Shri S.P. Hindujaji









Shri R.S. Toliaji, the Honorable Chief Secretary of Uttranchal also came for the special function and took part in the sacred puja for Mother Cow. Shri Toliaji is a great asset to the State, as he is a dedicated and committed Government Official.


One of the cows at the Parmarth Gaushala had just given birth, and everyone was very eager to see, pet and perform puja for the newborn calf, whom Shri Ashok Hindujaji carried lovingly and gingerly from the stable so all the children could pet her.


December 30 - January 17 -- South Indian Tsunami Affected Areas


On the 30th December, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, the famous actor Vivek Oberoi, Shri Suresh Oberoi, Yashodhara Oberoi, Sadhvi Bhagwati and rishikumars from Parmarth’s Gurukul went down to Tamil Nadu in South India to the tsunami affected areas, planning to adopt 500 orphans and to build an orphanage. Further, we were planning to spend New Year’s with the tsunami victims to offer them hope and peace. However, upon seeing the devastation wrought on the village, we decided to stay conduct extensive relief operations including construction of houses, community kitchens, medical care, distribution of relief supplies and much more.

Please see www.projecthope-tsunami.com for complete details and photos of this extensive relief operation.


The majority of the village was decimated. Nearly every home within 500 meters of the coast was destroyed, boats were lost or damaged, and possessions disappeared














The devastation was unimaginable







But the light has been brought back!



1. Building and provision of more than 500 new, temporary homes (huts and tents) for those whose homes were destroyed in the tsunami (this has already been completed).








The first 100 temporary homes

2. Plantation of 3000 trees in honor of victims of tsunami from every country. (this is already completed)


The Hon'ble Governor of Tamil Nadu came and planted trees in memory of those whose lives were lost

3. Replacement of lost/destroyed fishing nets for all the fisherman, including those with catamarans (this is in process)
4. Repair of damaged boats (this is in process).






Pujya Swamiji and the rishikumars on the first repaired boat!





Surveying damaged motors and planning the next action...

6. Repair of those homes and buildings which were damaged but repairable (this has already begun)
7. Construction of new shops for those who lost their shop in the tsunami. (some are already completed; others are underway)
8. Community Kitchens where all 3000 families were fed hot meals 3 times a day - 7 Kitchens were already set up and we also provided milk for babies and children.



Clockwise from top: Pujya Swamiji, Vivek Oberoi and the Rishikumars feed the villagers in the first community kitchen; the kitchen as it was running for weeks









9. A play ground for the children, with sports equipment, including swings, slide, merry-go-round, jungle-gym, etc. (this is already completed)


Joy, light, laughter and smiles returned to the faces of the children

10. Medical Relief Centers at each of these community centers






Villagers line up for medicines and supplies at Project Hope headquarters

11. Distribution of necessities such as food, water, clothing, candles, stoves, cooking supplies, shoes, sheets, etc. (this has already been completed in two huge scale distributions to more than 4000 people each time)


Each person received their extensive provisions with dignity, love and respect



12. Free Eye Camp and Cataract Operation Camp: more than 600 villagers were examined, nearly 100 new pairs of glasses were distributed and nearly 40 free cataract operations were performed on site. (Completed on January 9)


13. Two large tree plantation ceremonies in memory of all those who lost their lives in the tragedy and also as a physical barrier against any future tidal waves. Eventually, we will plant 2,51,000 trees, one for every person whose life was lost in the tsunami.
14. Purchase of prosthetic limbs for anyone who needs them and we are also organizing specialized medical camps.


15. Drinking water tanks in many places throughout the village (this was completed)



16. Gardens in the housing complex (in progress)
17. Counseling for the village people (this is ongoing and underway)
18. Seven Bal Vadies schools to be repaired and supplies given.
19. Temple renovation and repair.




The faces of the children and the village people have become filled with light and hope


Musical Healing: On the 15th January a special musical concert was organized, where Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji's devotee, the world famous drummer Sivamani came with his entire orchestra and gave a wonderful drumming concert for the entire village. Spirits soared and hope was renewed through the sound of music. Thousands and thousands of villagers came out to hear the uplifting sound of Sivamani's drums.



New Projects:

We are adopting a dilapidated and run-down service center in which 200 impoverished girls/ladies live. They have no dining facilities (they sleep, eat and study in the same hall) and all other facilities are sparse or worse.  On the adjacent land, we will build an orphanage for all children orphaned by the tsunami. We will also build a full dining hall, a computer center, a typing center, a vocational training center and other facilities for the girls/ladies in the social service center, as well as renovate and repair the existing women’s service center. We will create a place where both the children and also the girls/women will benefit greatly.


The existing social service center is run down and dilapidated







200 young ladies live, eat, sleep and study in this one hall... we will build proper dining facilities as well as renovate the existing facilities

The foundation laying ceremony for this project took place on the 16 February by the hands of the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu with the Honorable Governor of Uttranchal and the Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry and other dignitaries.






Left to right: Vivek Oberoi, Pujya Swamiji, Honorable Governor of Uttranchal Shri Sudarshan Agarwal, Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri S.S. Barnala, Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry
Lt. General M.M. Lakhera, Relief Commissioner Smt. C.K. Gariyali,
District Collector of Cuddalore Gagandeep Singh Bedi

The foundation laying ceremony for this project took place on the 16 February by the hands of the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu with the Honorable Governor of Uttranchal and the Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry and other dignitaries

We have also undertaken the project of constructing 450 new homes in Patancheri in Karaikkal, the largest village of Pondicherry Territory which was the most devastated by the tsunami, for the victims of the tsunami.


Meeting with the Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry, Lt. General M.M. Lakheraji in Raj Bhavan, Pondicherry



Along with the 450 new homes, we will also construct a school, gardens, community center, vocational training center, medical center, etc. With the gracious assistance and support of the entire government of Pondicherry, we will truly create a model village for these people. 


A house in Patancheri....the water was so strong and deadly that it shot up through the brick and concrete FLOOR of the house, tearing apart the entire floor as well as the inside of the house.... the villagers were truly washed away, from the inside out.




January 18 -- Rishikesh
A very special ceremony was held in honor of the passing of the Great Saint, the one who brought Sikh Dharma to the west and who turned thousands of westerners off of drugs/alcohol and onto spirituality - Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. Pujya Yogiji entered mahasamadhi in October, and in January a huge yatra of devotees from across the world brought his sacred ashes to India. The yatra came to Rishikesh on the 18 January for the divine puja and final rites ceremony.  

January 24 - 30 - Rishikesh

We had a special medical camp in honor of the anniversary of the passing of Mahatma Gandhi (January 30). Gandhiji's message was selflessness, giving and sacrifice. In honor of this beautiful message, a team of doctors and dentists came from Canada and USA and from Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi to provide selfless service to the needy people of the Himalayan region.



The inauguration of the medical camp; The team from Canada led by Dr. Rajiv Naik

The Canadian Dental team consisted of 5 dentists, 5 dental hygienists, 3 nurses as well as assistants. They came led by Dr. Rajiv Naik and the Kindness in Action group. They saw over 325 patients, filled cavities in 60% of the patients and extracted teeth in 40% of the patients. Everyone received a full and thorough hygienic cleaning.

The Escorts huge team came fully equipped with all of their heart monitoring instruments, and gave screening, testing, diagnosis and treatment to hundreds of patients. 



Doctors, hygienists and nurses
examined and treated over 325
patients during the course of 5 days.









They even examined all of our rishikumars



January 26 -- Dehradun
On the special day of India's Republic Day, Pujya Swamiji was invited to the Governor's for a special Republic Day program with His Excellency the Governor of Uttranchal Shri Sudarshan Agarwal and His Excellency the Chief Minister of Uttranchal Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwariji.






Pujya Swamiji sits between the Honorable Chief Minister (left)
and the Honorable Governor (right)

While there, he shared with the Honorable Governor all of the details of the work in the tsunami affected areas and the Honorable Governor was so touched that he said, "I wish I had wings to fly there right now and help those people. " On February 15, the Governor did come down, surveyed the situation, and pledged his support and assistance.






The Honorable Governor shows Pujya Swamiji the articles he has written on the tsunami and its effects.

January 27 -- Rishikesh
A divine couple sanctified their wedding vows, here on the holy banks of Mother Ganga. Prithviraj Oberoi (brother of Vivek Oberoi) and Alpa Parmar had their sacred wedding performed here, in the middle of the waters of Mother Ganga, in the lap of the Himalayas.



Puja on the banks of Mother Ganga and then feeding the rishikumars and all the ashramites


Puja in Mother Ganga....at the feet of Lord Shiva



Clockwise from top: Pujya Swamiji blesses the groom and family just before the wedding;  the wedding ceremony





Vivek dances with the youngest rishikumar



What a beautiful gift - to be married in such a divine atmosphere, in the midst of the rushing waters of Mother Ganga, in the holy presence of Pujya Swamiji, in the lap of the Himalayas....at the holy feet of Shankar Bhagwan...



In the evening, the Honorable Governor of Uttranchal, Shri Sudarshan Agarwalji came for a special aarti!




Lamp is lit by (left to right): Suresh Oberoi, Mrs. Sudarshan Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Pujya Swamiji, Honorable Shri Sudarshan Agarwal




January 28-30 -- Rishikesh

Hindu Heritage Pratisthan

Every year, the Hindu Heritage Pratisthan camp comes here to Rishikesh for a 3 day retreat in which students from across the world who are studying all over India, travel to Rishikesh to truly experience Indian culture. During the rest of the year they are studying in classrooms and universities, but for these 3 days they come and experience the culture and spirituality of India.

One hundred twenty five students came to Parmarth Niketan on the morning of the 28 January and had their official inauguration by the hands of Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Dr. Pranav Pandyaji of Shantikunj, Haridwar. Further, Vivek Oberoi was a special guest at the inauguration. 




left to right: Yashodhara Oberoi, Vivek Oberoi, Pujya Swamiji, Pujya
Dr. Pranav Pandyaji, Sadhvi Bhagwati





January 28 -- Dehradun

Pujya Swamiji and Vivek Oberoi traveled to Dehradun on the 28th, at the invitation of the Honorable Governor to go and discuss about the tsunami relief work and other projects.



Meeting at Raj Bhavan; the Honorable Governor gives Vivek a beautiful picture of Uttranchal


Shri N.N. Prasad, Secretary Tourism Gov't of Uttranchal gifts Vivek with a beautiful pictures of the Uttranchal wilderness

January 29- February 1 South India - Tsunami affected areas

Pujya Swamiji, Vivek Oberoi, Sadhvi Bhagwati and Rishikumars from Parmarth's Gurukul traveled again back down to the Tsunami affected areas to follow up on the work there.


February 4-5 -- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Pujya Swamiji has started the divine Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh, in Badrinath and in Allahabad. Now, on this sacred day, organized by Divine Soul Shri Sandeep Gupta, owner of Dainik Jagran newspaper, Pujya Swamiji inaugurated Ganga Aarti in Kanpur. Shri Sandeepji and his family had been so touched by the beautiful Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan that they did all of the leg work to organize and plan for a daily Ganga Aarti in Kanpur.

Pujya Swamiji and the Honorable Home Minister were the Chief Guests.

Then, on the 5 February, there was the official release of a new excellent book on Mt. Kailash, Lake Mansarovar and the yatra by Shri Sandeep Gupta. Shri Sandeepji and his divine wife Smt. Manjariji joined our yatra to Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash in July 2003. Sandeepji took gorgeous photographs and returned to write a beautiful, provocative, compelling, inspiring and uplifting book on this holy land and the holy journey.  For more information or to order a copy of the book, please contact sandeep@jagran.com






February 14-21 South India - Tsunami affected areas

We travelled again back down to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry to follow up with the work in each of the places.

On February 16 we drove with the Honorable Governor of Pondicherry down to Karaikkal to see the land where we will build the model village. We surveyed the area, talked to the local officials and set plans in motion for the full village which will include 450 new homes, a community center, a school, parks and gardens, vocational training center and much more.

Then, on the 16th afternoon we had the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new orphanage we are building in Cuddalore and for the Ladies Social Service center which we've adopted. The service center was dilapidated and run-down and has 200 impoverished girls/ladies living there. They have no dining facilities (they sleep, eat and study in the same hall) and all other facilities are sparse or worse.  We will build a full dining hall, a computer center, a typing center, a vocational training center and other facilities for the girls/ladies in the social service center, as well as renovate and repair the existing women’s service center. We will create a place where both the children and also the girls/women will benefit greatly.

The Foundation stone laying ceremony was graced by the presence of 3 Governors!! The Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri S.S. Barnalaji, The Honorable Governor of Uttranchal, Shri Sudarshan Agarwal and the Honorable Lt. Governor of Pondicherry Gen. M.M. Lakhera.


February 24 - Rishikesh

We had the official inauguration for the computer centre in the Gurukul when Bellaben and Yogeshbhai Patel came to Parmarth. They are the generous sponsors of the entire computer centre! They were so thrilled to see the rishikumars learning computers. A special prayer was said that the rishikumars will grow, blossom and bridge the gap between the ancient traditions of the Himalayas and the modern technology of the computer age.


Bellaben performs the puja for the computers and the children show what they're learning


Prayers are said in the computer room



Pujya Swamiji expressed His
great appreciation to Bellaben, Yogeshbhai and Nimit for their boundless generosity in providing computer education and so much more to our rishikumars. .




On April 17, 2004 at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, USA a film on the life and teachings of Pujya Swamiji premiered to a sold out audience. The film, titled, "A Day in the Light" is produced and directed by Christopher Miglino. 

The film has already been shown to delighted and inspired audiences at the Sedona Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles and several other film festivals in USA and Europe. 

See www.adayinthelight.com  to order your own copy of the beautiful film. Or, you can go directly to www.amazon.com and order it from there

For more information, email Christopher directly at chris@yogamates.com












Bathing in Ganga at Parmarth

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