Pujya Bhaishri Gives Divine Bhagwat Katha at Parmarth

Pujya Sant Rameshbhai Ozaji (Bhaishri) gave a very sacred Bhagawat Katha Gyan Yagna from the 19th through 26th May at Parmarth Niketan (Rishikesh). The katha was organized by the Jalan family of Varanasi in loving memory of the late industrialist and philanthropist Shri Deen Dayal Jalanji.

In the inauguration of the katha on the 19th, the event was blessed by the presence of many divine saints, including Pujya Swamiji, M.M. Pujya Swami Asanganandji, M.M. Pujya Swami Gurusharananandji Maharaj, M.M. Pujya Swami Kailashanand Brahmacharyaji, Pujya Brahmaswaroop Brahmacharyaji, Pujya Mahant Narendra Giriji, and Pujya Mahant Shri Ramanand Puriji, among many other saints, spiritual seekers and devotees who came to bathe in the divine nectar and light of this sacred wisdom.

Pujya Swamiji introduced the idea that just as we have Corporate Social Responsibility, we should have Kathakar Social Responsibility. As kathakars also have tremendous potential to bring about social change and transformation, changing arts as well as actions. Pujya Bhaishri agreed with Pujya Swamiji’s divine concept and each day of the katha was infused with not only kirtan (divine song) of the Creator but also kirtan of the creation, or as Pujya Swamiji says pariyavaran kirtan (devotional environmental songs). Several evenings were filled with diverse cultural programmes and events that brought diverse groups of saints, artists, professionals, leaders and Ganga lovers together to sit alongside the banks of Mother Ganga and to bathe their minds and souls in the Gyan Ganga that flowed through Pujya Bhaishri.

The katha also took on several green initiatives, such as reducing and minimizing the use of plastics, giving all guests of honor tree saplings for prashad in place of any other momento and bringing light to the ways in which the wisdom of the Bhagawad Gita sheds light on how one can be evergreen inside as well as out. Pujya Bhaishri shared with Pujya Swamiji that Lord Krishna (love and light) is represented by the color of blue and Radha (devotion and faith) is the color of yellow or golden. The coming together of Radha Krishna in Vrindavan made Vrindavan green, as yellow and blue make the color green. In the same way the mixutre of blue and yellow makes green, the union of love and devotion towards the Divine makes one’s life evergreen.

On the 21st May the katha was blessed by the divine words of Pujya M.M. Swami Satyamitranand Giriji (Bharat Mata Mandir). He expressed that there were only a few kathakars as blessed and graced as Pujya Sant Bhaishri and that to his kathas even revered and respected saints leave with drops of nectar to add to their divine wisdom. The Ganga Aarti was followed by a Kavi Sammelan where renowned poets from India shared in their powerful words and emotions the state of the nation and the sacred rivers of India.

On the 22nd May the evening Ganga Aarti mahotsav included a cultural programme by Shri Bhagirath Jalan, grandson of Shri Deen Dayal Jalan, who sang semi-vocal classical music. He illustrated the strengthen in Indian culture and traditions to transform and touch the lives of the young generation of India and the great responsibility that families have to impart these sacred sanskaras in their children, teaching them about Mother Ganga and the true heritage of Bharat. Bhagirath’s kirtan was followed by a special programme by Shri Manoj Tiwari, popular Bollywood actor, singer and entertainer, whose dedication to Mother Ganga and natural charm touched the hearts of the Ganga family enjoying his divine music and voice.

Manoj Tiwari declared in a press conference in Rishikesh on the 23rd that, inspired by Pujya Swamiji and Ganga Action Parivar, he pledged to dedicate 10 minutes of every show that he does from now on for Mother Ganga. He also said that he would like to play Ganga Action Parivar’s promos and videos on bio-toilets, Ganga Pollution, trash, and many other topics in his shows and in between breaks during his films to raise awareness. He said that he had recently done an album entitled ‘Gangs of Wassepur;’ now within two months he will release an album on the banks of Mother Ganga called ‘Gangs of Ganga Bhakt’ inspiring all to learn about the plight of Mother Ganga and to act now to save the sacred lifeline and national river of India. The evening special Ganga Aarti was joined by Shri Murlidhar and Malik Bandhu from Radha Madhav Sankirtan team in Varanasi who enchanted all Ganga lovers and pilgrims with their devotional music.

Ganga Aarti on the 24th of May welcomed our Yamuna Rakshak Dal family from Mathura-Vrindavan and many other individuals and Green Heros who are doing wonderful service in the area of environmental preservation and community service. The special honorees were presented saplings and shawls.

Pujya Acharya Balkrishnaji graced the Katha on the 25th May and famous musicians Rajan Sajan joined in the evening to lead a classical Indian music programme. Anna Hazareji and his team also joined the evening programme and stayed the next day to enjoy the last day of the divine katha. Annaji also gave a beautiful and inspiring message to the audience, emphasizing the importance of performing seva. “We come with nothing, we leave with nothing, but so many of our lives are filled only with clamouring for more and more, me and mine. The answer is to relinquish attachment to me and mine and to dedicate oneself to service. That is everlasting.” The honourable Minister of Urban Development, state of Uttarakhand, Shri Pritam Panwar, also attended the last day of the katha and spoke about his personal commitment to keep Uttarakhand green. Pujya Swamiji inspired and urged all to pledge to keep their rivers clean and to take small steps everyday to be clean and green in their lives. He encouraged them to go back home and plant a tree in honour of their environmental pilgrimage. He said that protecting Mother Ganga and the sacred rivers of India and the world is not merely a religious issue. Rather it is an environmental and human issue also and affects everyone. Pujya Swamiji emphasized that said water is life and it affects everything and therefore it is our turn to uphold our individual responsibility and be the change we wish to see in the world, worshiping not only the creator but the Divine’s creation.

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