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Lila Yoga Mindfulness Journey into Inner Peace – Maximum: 25

March 8, 2016 - March 10, 2016

Have a magnificent love affair with the inner beauty of your being. two perfectly schedule days of physical and contemplative practices. You will experience the amazing inter-play of energy within you and around you – the hallmark of Lila Yoga. energy becomes magnificently clear, radiant and supportive. This is a profound opportunity to recharge and rebalance. We start our mornings by honouring and awakening the full body and mind with Lila Yoga Sun Salutation [Surya Namaskar] and pranayama. Our afternoons are devoted to cultivated tools for awareness, mindfulness and meditation. We learn practices and application of yoga to awaken blissful inner peace. Complete the day with Lila Yoga asana class and communal release into inner peace.

Instructions in English.

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