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Bhakti Yoga Retreat

March 12 - March 14

“Revelation follows ecstasy; all knowledge that a book can never contain and that a language can never express, nor a teacher teach, comes to him of itself [through music].” – Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Musician

Join us for a transformative 2 days immersed in the yoga of love! The eternal thread that binds bhakta (lover) with Bhagavan (Beloved) is sacred sound. All mystic traditions concur, and the direct, tangible, blissful path of pure vibration is accessible to all! No dogma, just an invitation into the timeless practices of mantra and music.

Find your heart’s voice and sing! Awaken your Sanskrit chanting! Explore the tones of Indian music (Sa, Re, Ga, etc.)! Imbue your life with the magical power of mantric consciousness! Transform your daily life into overflowing joy!

With Anandra George, internationally respected Sanskrit mantra teacher and musician

Instructions in English.

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